Many years ago as a pre-teen I shot pictures with a small Instamatic Kodak camera. Even then, I had a love of photography. When I was a young teen I got a Minolta 35 mm SLR. I loved taking pictures although at times I was disappointed when I picked up my pictures, seeing some 'mistakes' and downright misses. Nothing was more disheartening as a kid with limited funds, to carry a roll of film in for developing, wait with great expectation and then pay for those pictures only to find them under or over exposed (in other words, no good!)
As the years went by, my skills improved and I got more good shots and less throw-aways. In my early 20s I upgraded to a new Minolta with more features and bought several lenses, a tripod and a good case. I took pictures of everything - kids, animals, nature. I entered some of my work in the fair and won a few awards along the way. Then the babies started arriving and I turned my camera toward my children over the years.
Eventually the old Minolta wore out and then for a number of years I had a point and shoot type of camera. Finally back in 2001 we got a Sony digital camera... one of the early ones that was quite large for a camera, and took a disk that resembled a floppy for computers. You could only get about 8 to 10 full size files on a disk! But it was great to be able to see instantly what you had - I loved digital though it had some shortcomings. I hated that 'delay' of a second or two when you pressed the shoot button. 
Several years ago I upgraded again, to a nicer point and shoot with the capability of manual settings. Again, that delay between pressing the shoot button and the picture actually taking, bugged me. I missed a lot of quick shots when timing was critical. 

Then this past fall my husband bought me a Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens. I feel like I have almost come full circle and really am so glad I finally gave DSLR a chance!  There is no more shutter lag. When you press the button, it takes the picture! I love being able to look immediately and see if I got the picture I wanted. No more wasted film or wasted dollars developing bad pictures. There is a learning curve as some things have changed and it's also been a number of years since I shot with the SLR, so I'm having to relearn. But it's fun and I am going to enjoy the camera so much! Right now I have the two kit lenses that came with it, but am looking forward to buying more lenses. My first one will be a fast one with a wide open shutter! Bokeh (blurry background with subject in sharp focus) is my friend so I want a lens that can stop down to f2.8 at least - preferably an f2.0 or better. Right now I am dealing with an f3.5 lens which makes getting nice bokeh rather tricky.
It's so much fun learning it all again. I'm looking forward to lots of picture taking in the future and cannot wait to be able to photograph my future grand babies! I'm learning lots of helpful tips from so many good photo blogs.
What kind of camera do you use? I'd love to hear about your equipment and all good tips are welcome!

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