Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcome 2011–The Old Has Gone, the New Has Come!

The New Year came in with warmish, muggy rainy weather in the deep south last night. Thankfully we did not experience the severe weather that the Midwest had earlier.  We had a quiet night at home, watching TV. I did watch the ball drop in Times Square at midnight while Bobby snored soundly in the recliner. Dont tell anyone Yesterday Bobby made a huge pot of homemade soup and we’ve been eating on that yesterday and today. It was delicious!

Today we’ve been watching bowl games all day. Of course the one we were most interested in was the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, FL. Our beloved Alabama Crimson Tide played in that one and they won by a huge margin of 49-7 against Michigan St. What can I say? The SEC rules! The younger players were put in for a good portion of the game and still it was ugly as they romped over the Spartans as easily as the starters had. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

What will we do for the next 8 months? I’ll miss my Alabama football but I can’t wait to see next year’s Crimson Tide! They sure looked good tonight and the ‘up and coming’ youngsters are going to be GREAT! Oh well… softball is just around the corner now so we’ll be busy with that!

The girls will be home for a few more days on Christmas break. School starts back on Thursday January 6th and I know it’s hard to go back after a break but the time will fly. The school year is half over now and in a few short months Hannah will be graduating and Katelyn will be moving on to high school. I just can’t believe how the time has passed so quickly. Upon their return to school, Hannah’s softball will get cranked up as the conditioning kicks into high gear.  The season will begin a few weeks later. In February Katelyn will try out for cheering at the high school for next year. I sure hope she makes it. Bless her heart, she has a very sore tailbone right now that makes it hard for her to move in certain ways. I really think it’s broken but there is little to do for that problem. She was shoved down hard during a game of yard football and it has been so sore ever since – for many weeks now. Does anyone know how long she will experience this pain? My poor girl. Worried

I read a good article called Resolutions For American Citizens by John Hayward, posted at Mommy Life.  You may want to read and carefully consider your resolutions with regard to your responsibilities as an American Citizen. It’s a very good article.

PartyWishing all my friends a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year!

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Melissa Stover said...

i hurt my tailbone when i was pregnant with my first child and it hurt for months. i hate to tell you that, but it was a very long time.