Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Saturday was a chilly and damp sort of day so we hung out around the house trying to stay warm and fend off that damp chill. Katelyn and I sat at the kitchen table all morning and worked on Christmas cards. I addressed envelopes and she stuffed them, stamped them and placed our return address labels on each one. What a big help that was! Then we went to the post office and she dropped them in the mailbox inside so they are now on their way.

On Sunday we had a family gathering at my dad’s in Greenville, AL. That was fun as the whole family was able to be there. My sister and her husband have one daughter Abby, who is in college at the University of Kentucky. She’s two years older than Hannah and two years younger than Zachary.  My brother has two children – a boy, John and a girl, Owen. Katelyn was born right in between them so they are like stepping stones. Right now they are 14, 13 and 12 years old and they always have fun when we get them together. All our crew was able to come – Nathan and his wife and Gretchen and her husband. My dad fixed a pot FULL of gumbo and a pot full of rice and some good southern baked cornbread. My sister brought some KFC for the ones who don’t care for the gumbo. She had several sides in addition to the chicken and would you believe – every bit of that food was gone!? My dad really put us over the top with his famous blueberry crisp for dessert. YUM!!

This is the time when we exchange presents with my siblings and then our older kids will be home next weekend and we’ll have a more intimate time together with them. I got some fun things this year! My brother gave me something green with Ben Franklin’s picture on it! (wink!)  He also gave me a pretty tray and said he expected to be served something good on it next time he came! Hee hee.  The pattern is Eddy and you can learn more about this versatile cook and serve product by clicking on the tray. The picture is not a very good one – it’s really a beautiful, high sheen metal.

My sister and family gave us money as well (boy is that good because the girls have a return visit to the dentist this afternoon for more work. What a bummer that my Christmas present goes to the dentist. SIGH) Every year imageshe gives me a box from Victoria’s Secret as well. YAY for the ‘5 for 25’ sale! I always love the fun patterns she chooses!  Just click on the picture and take a look at all the fun colors! I’m not into the fancy or sexy ones – just give me those wonderful hi-leg cotton briefs! Love em!

My sister also got me a very unique ‘hometown shop’ gift.  Next time I go to Montgomery I have to check out this new shop. It’s called The Vintage Olive and they offer a wide variety of cold pressed olive oils which are infused with flavors and spices. Their menu of selections looks very interesting. I received the Tuscan Herb EVOO. Their website is very new so they don’t have any pictures I can show you but you can click the link to check out their product line. My sister said you can sample all those wonderful oils and she and my niece did just that in order to find the best one for me! YUM! I bet that was fun! It says on their site that the Tuscan Herb is excellent for bread dipping. Can’t wait! Might have to go buy some good crusty bread today!

Even though we were not really having ‘Christmas’ with our kids yet, my oldest two both brought us a little something. Nathan and Amelia gave me a Best Buy Gift card and Gretchen and Joe gave me something I’ve had on my wish list at Amazon – George Bush’s “Decision Points” book which was recently released. I enjoyed all those interviews ‘W’ gave this past month so was really wanting to read the book! Yay! Happy reading ahead for me! And now it’s on to Christmas – 5 days and counting!

If you are interested in reading George Bush’s ‘Decision Points’ you can click on this link to get it from Amazon.


Susan said...

Hi Lynn, so nice to see your tag and even nicer to catch up here at your blog. The cookies look yummy! Renee and I will be baking also. Just wait to you get some grand babies. You will love it! Have a very Merry CHRISTmas! Hugs

Melissa Stover said...

my husband read part of the book for free on his ipad. he said it sounded good. we'll probably get it at the library some day.

i had never been here. glad you left a link because now i'm a subscriber!