Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Sweet Tooth… or NOT So Sweet?

Aaaaah… no it’s not so sweet!  Over the weekend Hannah told me her teeth were bothering her. For a long time she has been chewing on one side only – since she got a filling, in fact. She says it’s sensitive where the filling is.  So for several years she has chewed on the opposite side only.  She complains about her teeth a good bit but nothing has ever been found… except for very DEEP pits in all her molars. (not her tooth to molarthe right, but an example of deep molar pitting before sealants) She has had sealants in those pits but they don’t seem to stay put very well. 

Wouldn’t you know it, those darn pits have finally caused some trouble. She went to the dentist Monday and we learned she has 8… yes EIGHT areas of decay. EVERY molar on both sides, both top and bottom is affected. SIGH.  On the 13th she’ll be having all of one side done, top and bottom. Then a few days later they’ll fill all the other side. Poor, poor girl. Freezing 

In Hannah’s defense, she’s not actually a big sweet eater and has pretty good oral hygiene. We drink water at home so she’s not even a big soft drink fan. She just had the misfortune to have extremely deep crevices and pits in all her molars and they are VERY difficult to keep clean. Toothbrush bristles have trouble getting in those crevices. 

As if that were not enough, they showed us a lovely panoramic film of her mouth which revealed 4 impacted wisdom teeth that should come out at some point in time as well. He strongly suggested when we do it, that we go the IV anesthesia route and have all 4 removed at once so we have it behind us with a single recovery period. I can’t imagine – all four at once! POOR POOR girl! SIGH. Katelyn goes for her cleaning tomorrow and I am PRAYING they will find no problems with her teeth!

And thus begins the Christmas season at our house! Still working on ‘putting away’ fall!

Remember:  Drink lots of water. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, concentrating on reaching every surface of every tooth. Try to floss daily. And go easy on the sweets! Laughing out loud

Until next time…

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Denise said...

Hey girl, forgot you said you were back to blogging .. now that you reminded me I will try to pop in more often:)
So sorry about Hannah's teeth, that is sad news for her. I am obsessed with Kristen not getting cavities, more for the fact that I think she'd freak out if she had to have a needle in her mouth to numb it!! but I never went to the dentist regularly when I was little and have a ton of them :-/