Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Happenings

DSC01767Well we are midway through the month of December and as usual, it has proven to be a month of challenges. Hannah had her first of two dental appointments this past Monday and had several deep fillings that involved some pulp treatment before filling. I sure hope they work and she will be pain free.  She has another appointment this coming Monday to do the rest. Katelyn will also be going Monday for a bit of dental work as well. Poor kiddos.

This week is a rough one as the girls are having final exams for the semester. They are more than ready to be out of school for a little break. Two more days after today… they can make it!

We have a sick doggie as well. She’s been coughing a lot so I’ll be calling the vet and seeing if we can get her in and get her on the road to recovery as well. Merry Christmas to the dentist and the vet – not so merry for us.

The winter sickness has found me as well, and I have been battling a sore throat, coldsick[3]impacted sinuses and cough, cough coughing. UGH!  Nyquil is my friend of necessity right now. It will be a good day when the misery goes away.     

There was some excitement from Panama City as many of you may know. They made the national news yesterday when a man with a gun interrupted the school board meeting. After a rant about his wife being fired from the school system, he opened fire on several board members. Thankfully none of them were injured, but the gunman was shot by a security guard and then apparently turned the gun on himself. Very sad and scary situation. The superintendent Mr. Bill Husfelt was Zachary’s principal at Mosley High School when we lived in Panama City. You can read about it here –>Gunman Interrupts FL School Board Meeting  This man was very troubled and apparently facing deep financial difficulty as voiced in his rant before the shooting began. Times are so hard for so many but violence of this nature is a permanent solution to a current/temporary problem.

I am wondering how the vote will go today, concerning continuing the current tax rates, or letting them expire. I definitely do not want to see taxes go up but feel so disheartened over the loading up of what should have been a simple up or down vote on continuing the tax rate – we now have yet another omnibus bill filled with spending billions  in multiple other areas. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Did they NOT UNDERSTAND what happened in November?  What other job allows people who have been fired to continue making policies?? SIGH. Throw this mess out and let the new guys come in on January 5th and vote straight up or down, to continue the current tax rates – PERIOD. Don’t attach anything else to it. NO MORE spending.

Rant over… for now. Winking smile

It’s very cold in the deep south. May the love of God warm our hearts and souls.

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Becky Smith said...

Best of luck with your own doggy's problems! It is so tough when our little furry friends are suffering and we don't have gobs of money to set things right the way we'd like to.

Stay warm!