Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Recap

IMG_13622010 – One of the coldest Christmas seasons I can remember. We even had snow across a large part of Alabama for Christmas day –almost unheard of in the deep south! I enjoyed this season with my two babies.  Hannah and Katelyn are growing up and I am increasingly aware of how short our time together is. In the blink of an eye they’ll be gone off to college and my days of mothering children will be over. Of course I’ll always be their mother but as they grow up and begin their own lives and families, my mothering responsibilities will fade to the IMG_1387background and we will become friends. And hopefully there will be grandchildren in my future, God willing.

We enjoyed the time of Christmas vacation from school – laughing, talking, watching tv together, baking and making Christmas goodies. We wore Christmas pajamas all day on some days.  What could be more comfy on days when the weather outside is frightful and flannel pajamas are so delightful!?

 Hannah and Katelyn did a little cookie baking and then while Katelyn was visiting at a friend’s house, Hannah and I did an afternoon or two of baking and dessert making. It was really fun spending that time together and I hope she will save that memory, as will I.

 Hannah was dipping pretzel sticks in white chocolate – one at a time, so carefully insuring each little stick got dipped to within a half inch of the tip, leaving a little handle to grab them by.  I asked her if she was getting tired of dipping them after a while and she said “Oh no… it’s fun!”

                      IMG_1366    IMG_1365copy    IMG_1368                            

While Hannah dipped pretzels, I made Ritz Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies. Not really sure that’s what they are called, but it’s my name for them! Simply spread peanut butter on a Ritz cracker and then sandwich another Ritz on top. With a butter knife, go around the edges cleaning any excess peanut butter that squeezes out. Then dip the cracker sandwich in melted chocolate bark and lay them out on a sheet of wax paper to dry. It doesn’t take them long! If you like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter (think Reese’s!) then you’ll love these.  We were busy all afternoon in that kitchen and it was delightful! Laughing, talking, creating and memory making. Even Casey kept us company, keeping a close eye on all the food prep!

                       IMG_1371       IMG_1367       IMG_1372

Over the weekend our oldest 3 were able to get home and we all enjoyed the family time. Bobby cooked a pot full of his renown gumbo and it was a hit! We made my mom’s Christmas punch (a yearly custom which my kids clamor for!) and a batch of her Christmas Snowballs (a pecan sandy/shortbread type goodie) and just had a wonderful time. All too soon and one by one, they had to say goodbye and head back to their homes. Though we loved having them all, yesterday afternoon there was a nice ‘quiet’ in the house… an ‘unbusy-ness’ which was welcome.

Today is December 30th – a quiet, chilly, damp gray day. We are staying in and winding down today. Tomorrow we will tackle the un-decorating and packing away of Christmas 2010. As always, it was bittersweet. I missed you mama. It has been 20 Christmas’s now, since you celebrated with us. So long ago, yet 20 Christmas’s closer to the day we will see you again! ♥

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