Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Blessings



Joy to the World! The Lord has come! Christmas 2010 has arrived and and is now winding down. The day brought time with some of our family, and others to arrive tomorrow.

The day brought sorrow as well as I learned of the unexpected sudden death of an online friend. For years I have followed the cancer journey of a young man named Kody. He developed a brain tumor when he was a young boy and has battled (successfully) for years. He’s now a young man in his mid teens and doing pretty well. Along the way a friendship developed and I enjoyed knowing Kody’s family through the writings of his parents (Karl and Kim) chronicling their son’s journey through cancer and ensuing treatment. We went through spells of cutting up with one another through comments/emails. Kody’s parents were a lot of fun to mess with – they were both good sports and I enjoyed their friendship. For several years we lived in Florida (they also live in FL) and I thought one day our paths might cross and we could meet even though we lived a number of hours apart. It never happened and a couple of years ago we moved back to Alabama.

I’ve continued to keep up with them but life has gone on and we’ve had our own trials and struggles as all families do. My time for commenting on blogs was more limited but I continued to read and check up on Kody and when his mom Kim started a blog, I became a regular reader but a limited commenter.  Haven’t been by Kim’s blog in about a week so today I clicked on to wish all the K family a Merry Christmas. Her latest post puzzled me so I read down through the past week’s postings to see what was going on with them. I was absolutely shocked to read that on Wednesday evening, December 22, Karl was killed in a head on collision on his way home after work. I was so shocked and my heart just broke for them. On Christmas Eve as most families were preparing to gather for Christmas, they gathered to say good-bye to their daddy/husband/granddaddy. He was my age.

What a poignant reminder of the fragility of life. All our days are written in God’s book. He knows the length of our lives and the bible says not a second can be added to, or taken away from the time He has ordained for us to be here. This has always been a comfort to me, knowing I would live every moment of the life God has ordained for me but still the tragic circumstances of life tear at our hearts and we cannot comprehend so many things that happen in this life. The K family has endured so much over the years. It just seemed they had worked through so many trials and struggles and had recently bought a new home which they were so proud of. Just seemed things were looking up for them and now suddenly Karl has been taken from their lives.  Without understanding of this horrible tragedy, but with faith and trust in God, I pray for their comfort and peace, and that this will draw them closer to one another and to the Lord, their sustainer in this life and beyond. May their faith not waver and may their hope grow ever stronger. God’s promises are true.

If you happen to read this Kim – God bless you and all the children. And may all of us be reminded once again – beyond this day is not promised to us. Let us live fully each day and leave nothing undone or unsaid which needs to be said. Live in love. The K family was a wonderful example of this philosophy.

I’ll write more about Christmas later.

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