Friday, December 03, 2010

Bow Making….

For a number of years now I’ve been making my own bows for packages, using the wired ribbon. They just look so much prettier to me than the premade bows packaged several dozen to a bag. You know the ones I’m referring to! Be right back  They’re always smashed and lop-sided in the bag. Ick! This morning I was reading a blog I have bookmarked and enjoyed for some time now - Home On The Range.  If you click this link or click on her picture to the left, the ‘MidLife Mom’ has a good tutorial for making your own bows. So easy and they turn out so fluffy and full! So head to Michael’s, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Target or any place that sells wired ribbon and stock up! You will enjoy making your own bows and friends and family will be wowed over how pretty their packages look. They won’t want to open them! Thanks to Midlife Mom for posting this easy to follow tutorial with pictures that show the procedure well.

Well, Katelyn had her dental visit yesterday.  In my previous post I wrote about Hannah’s experience earlier in the week. It turned out that Katelyn had a few issues herself. For some reason some of her baby teeth have been very reluctant to get loose and come out. Last year she struggled to get out one of her upper molar teeth as the permanent tooth was coming down. In the nick of time, just before an appointment to remove the tooth, she wrestled it out of there! Now, same tooth on opposite side refuses to loosen. This time she won’t be able to wrestle it out. The permanent tooth has come down beside the baby tooth, to the inside toward the roof of her mouth. As a result the permanent tooth has not put any force on the roots of the baby tooth to loosen and dissolve them. Now it will have to be pulled out. Both of those new molars are sitting out of line with the rest of her teeth because they came in beside the babies and strange as it sounds, they are turned sideways as well, at a 90 degree angle! How crazy! So they will need to be straightened out, turned like a screw! And they need to be pulled back into alignment with the other teeth. Every other tooth in her head is in PERFECT alignment. This is crazy!  She has three molars that have a defect in the way they were formed and as a result there is some decay in the deep crevices that are abnormally deep – just like Hannah’s. So in a few days they’ll be going back. We’ll get 11 fillings total, 5 sealants, one tooth extraction and a beyond broke mom. Eye rolling smile

When it rains… it not only pours, it FLOODS!


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