Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Tea Partied!!!

Yesterday I attended a local Tax Day Tea Party Protest. First time in my life, ever to protest publicly against something. And I must say it felt good to DO SOMETHING. The time for talking is over. Now is the time for action if we believe our country is being hijacked and sold out from under us.  This is the first step, the “first arrow fired across the bow.” It will be a difficult struggle but one I am determined to stand firm on.  Here are some of the pictures taken at the tea party yesterday. ENJOY.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

And The Two Became ONE….

We had a wedding last weekend! It was picture perfect! The weather was beautiful after a week of storms. The sun shone bright, the breezes blew cool… it was beautiful. Seagrove Beach, Florida was the setting and the two families including the wedding party, stayed together in two exquisite beach houses "Above it All"  and "Triple Crown" which shared beautifully landscaped grounds known as “The Lawn.”  The wedding took place on the beach behind the houses and the Rehearsal Dinner (Mexican Fiesta) and the Wedding Reception were both held on The Lawn.

It was special… and a bit emotional (hey, this is my first to wed!) Things went very well with no major setbacks… really, no minor setbacks either. It was a wonderful several days which culminated in the birth of a new family!  The video below shows a small sampling of the pictures taken over the 3 days of fun, sun, celebration and wedding festivities.


And now the countdown is on to August 22nd when Nathan and Amelia will marry!  Goodness!! After that, we hope to have a several year break before the next wedding occurs! My brother suggested paying the other three NOT to marry! LOL!!

I hope to blog a bit more regularly in the days to come. It’s enjoyable.. more so than Facebook or MySpace. I feel it’s more like enjoying a personal visit around the kitchen table as opposed to the superficial feel of FB and MS. No promises that I’ll write daily. But I do hope to write “regularly.”

Take care everybody… all one or two of you who still check in here!