Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Teleprompter Speaks! (LOL)

drudge-ob-tele I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today and he was having a great time talking about the attention he was receiving from an unlikely source –“Obama’s Teleprompter!”  LOL!! Yes! It seems Obama’s teleprompter has become quite popular in recent days and now even has it’s own blog! To keep up with the little electronic genius, Obama’s brain… visit its blog by clicking –>  HERE.

Be sure to check out the comments too… some funny stuff there! There are plenty of folks out there with great imaginations and equally great humor! (Which is tough to muster in today’s worrisome climate.)

There are just over 2 weeks until Gretchen’s wedding. Are we ready? NO.

We are into spring weather and spring-like temps around here. It’s 75 degrees right now, and sunny.  When it gets like this, I miss living in Panama City. These are the days when the ocean looks so clean and pure and clear. It’s still rather chilly for swimming, but it’s WONDERFUL weather for spending time out on the beach, walking or taking a bike ride along the coast.  Yes… I DO miss it BAD.  So bad I’ve been visiting the webcam online, just to watch the waves come in and go out, and see an occasional gull fly past the camera.  I watch The Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort cams (the roof cam is focused on the ocean; the beach cam is down for a couple of weeks.) I also check the cams from Trip Smarter – Panama City Beach, and the cam from The Chateau Motel on the beach. You do have to install a tiny little plug-in to view this last one, but this is a good cam because it changes views up and down the beach. The plug-in is for Abacast – the company the cam is run by. You’ll never notice it unless you view a cam on a website that is powered by Abacast, then the plug-in will load so you can watch the webcam. If you want to do some beach viewing, check out these cams.

Alas, I’m land-bound today, an hour and a half north of the coast, so the cams are as close as I’ll get.


Susan said...

Hi Lynn, I am sure thing will be just wonderful for the wedding! Hugs

Kacy said...

Ok, that is just hilarious! A blog for a teleprompter? HA HA HA HA! I guess a bit of humor in it all could suit my fancy! LOL

I watch one of the beach cams from home too! Rich's brother surfs everyday, so we make a point to see if we can ever spot him, lol!

I'm sorry and forgive me, but is Gretchen your daughter? I'm thinking she is. I have such a forgetful memory lately.

Hope you have a great week this week, let me know what you are up to these days!

Love ya gal!

Sue said...

I don't blame you one little bit, Lynn for missing the Ocean. I feel that every time I come home from the South. I can only imagine how much more it's missed when you lived so close by.

Can't believe Gretchen's wedding is now upon you. Can't wait to see some pics! Be sure to let us all in on the festivities. Blessings on the happy couple... and her folks!

Big hugs xo

Susan said...

Hi Lynn, I came to see if there was any wedding news. Hope all is going well. Hang in there. Hugs

The Bean said...

We need some wedding updates!