Tuesday, January 27, 2009



ON MY WAY TO WANNA BE… written & sung by Folk/Indie singer James Hooker, expressly to honor and thank President Bush. He wrote this song and put this amazing video together after meeting President Bush and having the opportunity to observe his interaction with and love for our troops and their deep love for President Bush. It was a mutually felt genuine affection and deep respect. The military’s approval rating of Bush was at more than 80% – they understood. Too bad the civilian population never did. Perhaps one day people will realize. You who are Bush supporters and friends, enjoy this touching video. THIS IS W – in his simplicity, in his humility and in his love for fellow countrymen.  I was spellbound by this simple, earnest song - how beautifully the words fit President Bush. They are printed below the video.

Mr. Hooker, thank you for honoring a man that served us so well despite the cesspool that relentlessly pounded him.

(Helpful tip: start video then click the triangle in the lower right corner and select HQ for better quality picture and music.)


wanna be


Kimberly said...

That is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

Hi Lynn, that was good. Thanks for sharing it. Hugs