Friday, January 09, 2009

Change is in the Wind...


When I took a little break I didn't realize it would last so long. Here we are, nearly half way into the month of January! The worries, hardships and struggles of December have spilled over into the new year. So I opened my picture folder and clicked on my "beach" folder and took a little trip to the beach. This is the scene that comes to my mind when I think of peace and tranquility. And I sure need a little peace and tranquility. 

Have you ever gone into a new year with feelings of trepidation?  I never have before. I've always anticipated a new year... new beginnings... starting fresh. It has always been with an air of hope and better days, that I greeted a new year. Not so this year. It has been difficult for me to greet people with the usual customary "Happy New Year."  I just don't FEEL it... so it seems hollow, unrealistic to speak those words. Of course I HOPE this year will be a good one. But I don't "feel" it deep down in my bones, that all will be well in this new year.

Nevertheless, may each one of you my friends, be well, be safe, be protected in your little corner of this world in this new year.

We have 85 days before Gretchen's wedding on April 4th. I'm beginning to panic as there are clothes to be purchased for showers, for dinners, for the wedding itself... for ALL of us.    And I am wondering as I search my checkbook balance for grocery money - exactly HOW are these clothes going to be purchased?  I'm so excited for Gretchen and so happy for them both, but I'm worried about how we will pull this off... even with them paying for all their wedding expenses. We will have our own expenses related to participating. This is really putting a damper on my spirits and I don't want to make Gretchen feel bad.  SIGH.

And guess what! On New Years Eve, my son Nathan proposed to his girlfriend of several years. OH MY! He's getting married too! They are planning to marry on August 22nd. DOUBLE HAPPINESS, but SIGH! We need some financial miracles! Maybe we could sign up on the bailout list?? 



Kimberly said...

The beach is a very tranquil place and I love going there. I simply love waking in the morning to the sound of crashing waves. I would love to say that this summer we could take a much loved vacation to the beach (since we live many hours from one); but I don't believe that is in the expense account at the moment, nor will it be. I know how hard it can be to make ends meet. Praying that you are able to sell the things you need to and that things will be looking up for you. Big hugs!

Susan said...

Hi Lynn, you sure have a lot on your plate with the 2 weddings. I am trying to think positive about the NY. I work part time at the PO and there will be major changes coming up for us. I am praying that God will have some grace for our nation and open the eyes of the hearts of the lost. Hang in there Lynn and big hugs!

Doralea' said...

Hi Lynn,
Thinking of you and I know you will have alot of worries about the 2 kids getting married ---but it will all work out as God is by you and the family always!
You have just been to quiet lately and I worry when you get that way!!
Take care and keep in touch

Julie said...

Our God is able to do exceedingly more than we ask or think. He knows already your needs so now it's His turn to worry about it so that you don't have to. Weddings are such wonderful events, and to think you will have that double blessing in your family this year. Nothing but nothing is going to steal your joy! Love you sweet lil sis. xx