Friday, December 12, 2008

Bits and Pieces...

Several years ago I took some pictures of various ornaments on the Christmas tree. Like most of you, I collect ornaments and every year when I unpack them and handle each one, I remember the Christmas it came to reside on our tree. I remember some of the circumstances (whether good or bad) of that year. Isn't it wonderful how looking at things can bring back memories associated with another time and place in our lives! I haven't taken any pictures yet, this year. But I did dig through my picture folder and retrieve several I had taken on previous Christmas seasons.

This Peanuts ornament is one of my favorites (get used to the phrase "one of my favorites! Everything I hang on the tree is "one of my favorites!" LOL!) But I do love the simplicity, the whimsy, the purity of this ornament. It's just plain SWEET!! And it is God's transforming truth for a lost world... "Unto you is born a Son..a Savior, tis Christ the Lord!"

Another ornament that is just plain SWEETNESS to my heart is this one...Christopher Robin reading to Pooh! Every time I look at this one, I smile and my heart gets a warm feeling. My Zach was a Pooh lover when he was a little boy. So when I see Pooh I think of my baby Zachary. These are pleasant memories so I love that silly ole bear!

We have lots of ornaments on our tree that feature Pooh and his friends at the Hundred Acre Wood. Yes we do love that silly ole bear and his friends!

And this pewter heart ornament is special because it represents friendship across the miles. It's from my friend Tera who lives WAY UP NORTH... a LONG way from where I am in the deep south! I LOVE the ornament and I love Tera and Jason and Emma! Their friendship is precious to me.  I'll share some more special ornaments over the next several day. But today I'll end with this sweet heart... it's appropriate!

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