Tuesday, December 09, 2008


 j0313791 Sigh... things are just NOT going well around here! Feeling so NOT in the Christmas spirit, it took every ounce of energy I could summon to go up into the attic and drag out the Christmas boxes this past weekend.  Katelyn was worrying me to death, anxious to  bring out the Christmas things. We assembled tree #1... a normal sized 61/2 ft artificial pre-lit tree (we have some serious allergy issues with bringing a live pine tree in the house!) Got it together, got all the branches fanned out nicely and plugged it in. Well wouldn't you know.. a row around the top and a row around the bottom would not light up. So we had two large sections of the tree that remained dark!  Poor Bobby crawled up underneath the tree and got all into the wiring of that pre-lit tree to try and discover why these lights were out. After about two hours of fruitless effort, he crawled out, yanked the tree apart, mumbled something under his breath as he took it outside and put it on the curb for garbage pickup. Thirty minutes later it was gone (someone stopped and picked it up - good luck to you, "someone!")

Back into the attic to drag out tree #2... a very large, full tree we used one Christmas several years ago. It was pretty but way too big for our house. But out it came. It's not pre-lit so we had to also search for enough strings of lights to go around it. Alas, we couldn't find them. So off we went to Wal-Mart where Bobby convinced me that we should buy those led lights this time because the other lights would be phased out of production soon, and we would not be able to buy replacement bulbs. So we bought them.  Two boxes. I told him it would take at least 3 and more likely, 4.  He would shortly learn that I was right but hey, they have to learn the hard way, right.  We got home, he strung the 2 strings of lights, and they made it halfway down the tree! UGH...

Mad about having to go back to Wal-Mart on a Sunday afternoon in December - he went very grudgingly. Came back with two j0331489 - Copy more strings of lights and put them on the tree. Then he sat down in a huff and said he was THROUGH - the rest of it was my job! Those  lights looked a strange shade of dull blue, but I dared not say a word! They looked very strange... but I kept quiet. Got that tree all decorated and turned it on and it was AWFUL! Those lights were DARK. They didn't look like regular lights at all and they cast no light on their surroundings, so all the ornaments were in virtual darkness. All you could see was these strange pale bluish lights.

Monday morning I got up and took another look. I hated it!! The girls hated it!!  They said it was ugly and embarrassing!  LOL! So when Bobby called later and asked how the tree looked when it was all finished, I said "UGLY!" Long story short... he said "take the lights back then!"  Oh my goodness! That was not something I wanted to contemplate! But after I hung the garland on the mantel and plugged in the tiny j0434407lights for it - and they glowed with their soft golden light like warm little candles - that tree looked even uglier!!!  It WAS embarrassing! The two did NOT go together in the same room.

So yesterday afternoon I took off every decoration. Then I took off all those lights (and carefully repackaged them) and then I went back into the attic and searched every box until I found the lights that had been bought for this huge tree several years ago. Found all but one string, I restrung lights, redecorated that tree and finished up about 12:30 a.m. this morning. It had been about an 8-9 hour ordeal from start to finish!  This morning I took those (UGLY)lights back to Wal-Mart and they gave me a gift card for that amount. I promptly turned around and went back to the seasonal aisle and bought the candy, lifesaver books, candy canes, gum etc.. for all the stockings.

The tree looks so much better even though it is far too large for our living room. But it has a nice warm golden glow now. Of course j0295218all the boxes and mess are strewn all over the living room still.. so today I need to clean up the mess, find some other decorations and complete this task of Christmas decorating. Katelyn said "hurry up and get the presents under the tree!"  Presents??  Bah humbug! There are no presents. Tough year kid.. be glad your daddy still has a job at all. (They've laid off a number of folks, and his hours are  limited.)  A competitor company across town closed their doors this past Friday.. a shock to the employees who were told on Wednesday.. given two days notice, two weeks before Christmas.  This is so sad. Bobby worked there until about a year ago. It could have been us receiving this news. We've been there before, where these friends are now - back in 2001 after 9-11. I DON'T want to revisit that horrible time.

j0436274Then I had an idea... go back up to the attic and bring down all those cute little gift boxes I have collected over time. They are  adorable and would surely dress up the tree!!! Of course there would be much weeping and wailing in the land come Christmas morning when they discover those boxes are empty, put there only for decoration!  I better not do that. Much better to have to face and deal with reality now, than to be on the cruel end of a decorating scheme come Christmas morning.

I've heard some of the guys on talk radio (Glenn Beck specifically) say that this Christmas is hard, yet people are buying gifts as best they can. But he predicts next Christmas in America will be so drastically different that we won't recognize it... that people will be worried about buying food instead of presents next Christmas.

Can this really be true? Of course it can... it's already "next Christmas" in our household.

FOCUS..... Got..... to......FOCUS.......... bjs1


Kimberly said...

so sorry about your tree ordeal; that had to be so frustrating.

May God give you comfort during this time and know that family is everything and just being together will be a great gift. Praying that things get better for your family. Big hugs!

Mary said...

Hi Lynn. I'm so glad you have the tree up and I'm sure the girls are too. I know it was a hassle, but it warms the house and your labor was worth it.

Come on over to my place, I have a surprise for you.

Hugs, Mary

Susan said...

Hi Lynn, I am sorry to hear about the tree ordeal. I am sure the tree looks pretty. I need to finish decorating mine. We gave our big one to my son for his first house. I put pretty empty bags under the tree for decoration. By for now. Hugs

Doralea' said...

Hi Lynn,
Sorry you had so much difficulties getting your tree up! We haven't even started decorating here and most likely won't do much [except for a small tree and Desiree's Santa Claus] It is just way to hard to do it and then worry about getting it down after Christmas!! When you're sick and in your 60's --you slow down alot -let me tell you!!
Our finances are zero also so we won't have much here at Christmas time but "I'm alive -PTL!! and we are together as a family!
Take care and keep that chin up Lynn