Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 Days Til Christmas 2008.... 10 Days Til It's Over....


Trodding along here... enduring. I photographed another of my favorite ornaments hanging on the tree. I really like this one. I love the prophecies from the Old Testament, foretelling of the birth of the Messiah.

I have an idea, if I only had the money to do it.  I bought this one from Family Christian Store in the Panama City Mall several years ago after Christmas. Anyway, I'd like to buy a number of these ornaments with various prophecy scriptures on them, and wire them into a thick garland, weave a gold ribbon through the length of the garland with gold bows to accompany the scrolls. Weave tiny white lights throughout... maybe a gold trumpet here and there... can you picture it!?  The names of the coming Messiah, Jesus, as foretold in the Old Testament... strung along the length of the garland. I think it would make a nice royal looking garland for the mantel. Basically it would be in earthy colors, similar to this ornament to the left.

I've had this idea in mind for several years now, but never had the extra money to purchase any more of  the ornaments like the one above. At the time I bought mine, they had different ones - "Prince of Peace"... "Lamb of God"... the one above that says "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God".. all were scrolled like this one. I haven't even been in a store this holiday season so I don't know if they still carry this line of ornaments at the Family Christian Bookstore. I hope they do. I hope they keep them year to year, until I am able to buy them! I'll be sad if I never get to make that garland.

As you might imagine, I have some patriotic ornaments on the tree as well. One of them is a Snoopy I bought for Gretchen several years ago. She was excited about getting to vote for Bush that year! I really was proud of her interest, her thirst for knowledge and her duty of participation. So When I saw the "VOTE" ornament, I knew she had to have it! The flag goes on the tree every year! (LONG MAY SHE WAVE OVER THE LAND OF THE FREE & BRAVE) I would love to have some of the White House ornaments on our tree, especially from the Reagan and Bush years, but never could afford to purchase any.

Santa Claus LOVES the Alabama Crimson Tide!! Even Hallmark knew that! They featured a Santa ornament several years ago with Santa dressed in his Crimson Tide sweats!  We have quite a few Alabama ornaments on the tree... here are two of those ornaments.

In a couple of days I'll post a few more pictures of treasured ornaments. I like photographing them!

On another subject, there are some good articles on JackLewis.Net.  Check it out. The articles are brief, easy reading, to the point. The top article today was a shocker. Firefox has topped ZDNet's  list of 12 most vulnerable apps!  I don't use Firefox but I know a lot of you do! I never could really get comfortable with it, and continued to come

up on some sites that just would not display properly, if at all, in Firefox.  After giving it a try, I decided I was more comfortable with IE. If you are a Firefox fan, you may want to check the article.

One more ornament for today. It's a snowman that my friend Susan sent to me a couple of years ago. I can never place it on the tree without immediately thinking of Susan! WHO loves snowmen more than her!? LOL!


Michelle said...

Hi Lynn,

Wanted to stop by and see how you've been doing. I was able to envision your garland idea and it looks wonderful.

I'm praying for all of us who are going through these tough financial times. It's very scarey times, but we do need to put our trust in God for he will provide.

God Bless & Love you!!!! Michelle

Susan said...

Hi Lynn, When Andrew and Marina got married, I gave them a box of ornaments for Christmas. Most were Andrew's and I added a few new ones. It is my tradition to give each kid an ornament and now I buy the grandson one. I got Snoopy ans the Statue of Liberty this year since I went to NY. The pictures are linked at my blog. I was happy to see the ornament I sent you and the one Tera sent you was like the one you sent me the same year! I have my most special ornaments boxed together in case of a fire I would grab that box. Well I like your idea of the scroll but I have not seen those at Family Christian. Have you checked their online site? Hugs

The Bean said...

I love this idea. I am going to borrow it if you don't mind. I am going to photograph some of my favorite ornaments and post them to my blog today. Merry Christmas Ms Lynn!

Kimberly said...

Love seeing the ornaments, what a cute idea!

Kacy said...

((Lynn)) So glad to be here now! Thanks for sharing your soul. I guess upon reading your entry on December 9th, I thought I was reliving my day. We too bought those weird lights that didn't look right. We took them right off! ICK! It was really hard for me to get into the Christmas season this year. I can't really put my finger on why, but it was. I do believe next year will unfold a mirror of things that people won't expect. We are in for a ride this next year I truly believe! We even buckled up this year and didn't spend much on Christmas. It is what it is! Have a great SONday and will catch up with you again soon!