Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little Lighthearted Post...

It seems like all my posts have been so heavy over the past month or so - I guess it's because my heart has been heavy, burdened with troubles on both a personal and a national level. These are trying times. But there HAS been some good stuff going on!  Candesktop11-08 you say #1 in the nation!?!?!  Yes indeed! My Alabama Crimson Tide football team is #1 in the nation! They are undefeated going into the last regular season game against in-state rival Auburn.  They are bound for the SEC Championship game in early December to face those incorrigible Florida Gators! What a game that will be! But first things first... ROLL TIDE ROLL!!  Beat Auburn!!!

In honor of the SPECTACULAR season the Crimson Tide has been enjoying, my desktop has been all BAMA! Some of you know how I enjoy changing out my desktop wallpaper, sometimes even changing it several times a day! LOL!  But I have kept this same wallpaper for a couple of weeks now. You can click on it to see it enlarged.

Baby, it's COLD in the deep south today! We've had a little cold front come through and our temperatures have nose-dived! I'm talking mid 20s for lows and low 50s for highs, with a chilly wind to boot! And that's COLD for the deep south in November! Of course it's time for things to cool down but I always shudder when it happens, for it means winter is coming. I don't see how so many of you endure the brutal winters up north! Brrrr!

Thank you for the couple of comments on the previous Veteran's Day post. It's hard for me to look at such a picture as that and not be moved to tears, with emotion and pride. That picture said more than a thousand words could ever convey. Perhaps that is why so few commented - they were rendered speechless maybe?

clip_image001An interesting link before I go today.  You can click on the stamp to the left, to read about our Muslim Holiday postage stamp. Did you know we have one?? And note that this is in commemoration of a feast to celebrate the end of the month long fasting of Ramadan, and also "to commemorate  the willingness of the 'prophet' Abraham to sacrifice his son Ishmael in response to God's command..."  Did you catch that? The LIE?

My, how they TWIST truth! The bible tells us that in a test of faith and trust, Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac, the son of promise! We all know that  Abraham [passed the test] was willing to obey God to the very point that he raised his knife against his son, but God stopped him!  And in His mercy, God provided a ram to be sacrificed instead. Isaac is the child God promised, the royal lineage!! Ishmael is the counterfeit, born of the bondwoman, not the free! Yet Muslims believe through Ishmael, is God's chosen lineage. Isaac's lineage is the house of Israel (the line of Jesus, and the line through which we have been adopted as sons and daughters.) Ishmael's descendants are of the Arab world. Thus the NEVER ENDING WAR between the Arabs and the house of Israel... all because Abraham and Sarah grew impatient waiting for the child God promised, and devised their own human plan to gain an heir. HOW SAD. To this very day the counterfeit attempts to usurp the place of Israel. AND THE WHOLE WORLD SUFFERS BECAUSE OF IT.

That's it for today...



Kimberly said...

Well I definitely know one stamp I will make sure NOT to buy. How awful. Thanks for your info.

Tänia said...

No comment on Alabama... I am a Texas Tech fan! LOL!

Susan said...

Just to let you know, the PO does not choose the stamps. The Citizens stamp advisory committee does. If they pass it, then it goes to print. The PO has had a contemporary stamp and a traditional stamp with Madonna and child. Then a stamp came out for Hannuka (sp) and Kwanza. Then this EID. It is evident that the committee want to give equal access. Like our society, goes from CHRISTMAS to EID. Just sad. I don't work on the floor so I don't know how many of these stamps are bought. I am using the Alzheimer stamps this year for Christmas.

~Pam~ said...

Hi Lynn!
I know I won't be buying that stamp!

Hope you are doing well. It is a cold and snowy day here in Michigan.

God bless you.
Love & Hugs