Monday, November 10, 2008

Brief Election Wrap and Onto Other Things...

Isn't it interesting how the same thing can be viewed in such opposite ways!?  It's all in one's perspective I guess! No?  I feel our UNITEDDIVIDED country is more divided than EVER at this point in time.

People have said with tears streaming down their faces, that Martin Luther King's "dream" has come true.  NO IT HAS NOT!!! Martin's dream was that one day his children would be judged by the content of their character and NOT by the color of their skin. The election of Barack Hussein Obama is not a realization of MLK's dream. We were never allowed to learn about Obama's character BECAUSE of the color of his skin. To ask about his CHARACTER would be racist.

It should  be noted that 95% of blacks voted for Obama, many of those shamelessly stating his race as the reason. 43% of whites nationwide, voted for Obama, which was a percentage point stronger than previous democratic candidates. Race appears not to have been an issue at all, with white voters. So, sadly MLK's own race remains trapped in racism, unwilling to unshackle themselves and begin to judge people rightly, according to the content of  their character.big_1600297

We are now headed for "change" and having already received a preview of some of that change, I DO NOT WISH OBAMA  SUCCESS IN OFFICE. Socialism is a FAILED agenda - We are witnessing European countries who are abandoning failed socialism and reaching for democracy. Why would I wish Obama success in implementing proven failed socialist policies in our country?

I would imagine that soon, many of those who voted for Obama will begin to experience "buyer's remorse." Sadly, it will be too late.  Their mortgages will not be paid by him, their cars not gassed up by him, and they will not find themselves above adherence to  the municipal laws of their communities.  Taxes will increase, freedoms (of speech, of right to bear arms etc) will be threatened.  And this is the 'small stuff.'  The BIG stuff will be the testing of the untested one, when the world's dictators come calling.  Time will tell. May GOD help us, for the sake of His remnant in the land.

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Mary said...

....and God is still in control. Therefore, I will pray the never failing prayer for our country. "Thy will be done".

Love, Mary