Monday, November 03, 2008



EDIT  8:00 P.M. central time (Tuesday) : Sorry for the password friends. I wish blogger would allow passwording of a post rather than only allowing the whole blog to be passworded or not. Maybe it won't have to remain for long. I had a visitor who I don't know, but who is a friend of someone I do know. They came, they read, they went back to their blog and proceeded to post a rant against me, urging their liberal friends to pay me a visit. You can visit the guy HERE to see what he said. Never mind, he deleted it (very wise because it was vicious) - only the comments remain.


I want to preface this entry by reminding my readers that THIS IS MY BLOG.  This is the place where I CAN TALK ABOUT MY BELIEFS, MY OPINIONS, MY CONCERNS, MY HOPES, THOUGHTS and DREAMS. What follows are MY (WELL researched) OPINIONS and CONCERNS. You have that same right on YOUR blogs so please express your opinions on YOUR blogs!  General (I agree/I disagree) comments are fine, but do NOT try to sell this DANGEROUS fraud to me in my comments section! Now, to share some thoughts and concerns...

I was sitting here last night, listening to a speech Obama was giving. And he was smearing McCain and ridiculing the fact that Dick Cheney endorsed McCain this past week. Well, why wouldn't he??? Cheney IS a registered Republican voter. Why wouldn't he support McCain, the Republican candidate?? The crowd was jeering and sneering at Obama's words, collectively ridiculing McCain because Cheney is voting for him. Would they likewise jeer at the fact that Barney Frank (GAG!!!!) cast a vote for Barack Hussein Obama!?

WELL WELL... I would rather it be known that a fellow American, a fellow Republican was publicly endorsing me, than to be in  terrorists support ObamaObama's shoes - trying to downplay and hide the fact that all of the terrorist world is supporting him! EVERY SINGLE TERRORIST DICTATOR AROUND THE WORLD HAS COME OUT PUBLICALLY AND ENDORSED OBAMA AS THEIR MAN!!  And as for the LOCALS -

Endorsed by Communist Party USA
Endorsed by Chicago Young Communists League
Endorsed by Marxists/Communists/Socialists for Obama
Endorsed by Hamas terrorist group

Now THAT is something to be PROUD of!!! Right Mr. Obama? Thank God THEY can't vote! Oops, I forgot! They ARE voting, by way of funneling millions of their foreign (and domestic) terrorist/dictator dollars into his campaign fund.

civilian police Barack Hussein Obama,  sir, instead of wasting your precious final campaign hours RIDICULING American Republican voters, why don't you tell us more about your plan to brainwash our children into believing they should be pacifists and appease the "sensitivities of America HATERS."  And tell the truth about "The Civilian National Security Force" you will put in place without delay... which sadly, your legions of fans/followers/worshippers - whatever, don't have a clue what this means! It sounds good because their Obamessiah is saying it! 

We need to be listening to Cuban Americans who escaped the horrors of such a regime that implemented this same police force, controlled by Fidel Castro - NOT to protect the people, but to FORCE them into submission to him.  Here's a few links by Cuban bloggers who cannot believe this beloved country of freedom which they fled to and began new lives in, has come to this day.

Tell us Barack Hussein Obama, why you plan to bankrupt the American coal industry?? Are you people paying attention out in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, and any other state that has a significant coal industry? And for the rest of the nation, do you know that putting the coal industry out of business will turn out your lights... and get ready to freeze to death in the winter.  Click here, read it for yourself.

Michelle Malkin also reports on this same issue and you can read it here.  Should it surprise anyone that Obama's "internet police" immediately removed that video where he brazenly spoke of doing this?  No matter; bloggers were smart enough to copy the transcript of his exact words.  ticketforamerica

There are so many issues I could bring up here, but the bottom line for me is very clear:  We have on the ballot an American  who has proven his allegiance to America.. who was RAISED by America-loving parents to LOVE HIS COUNTRY, who SERVED at great personal sacrifice, who has MANY pro-American friends who have publicly spoken of his love and loyalty, his dedication and service.. many veterans who served alongside of him and publicly praised his honor, loyalty, love and steadfast service and devotion... a man whose life has been TRANSPARENT from his birth to this very point in time - his accomplishments as well as his failures in life, he has honestly put out there for us to see.  HE HAS A HISTORY PEOPLE, THAT WE CAN SEE AND JUDGE. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

On the other side, we have a man who's history is FRIGHTENINGLY VAGUE and INCOMPLETE.  He seems to have just "appeared on the scene" out of nowhere, a few years back. There are more years missing from his life resume` than are visible for us to look at, and what little history has been revealed or uncovered, is contradictory-  i.e. birthplace, citizenship, ideologic affiliation (muslim).  Here is a compilation of what little we know - Obama Timeline.

There is NO long list of people who have come forward and been interviewed, to vouch for his allegiance to country... NO ONE, in fact!  No friends from his past have surfaced and been interviewed about his character, his growing up years. No childhood friends, no college friends, no records to examine, of service... NO ONE has stepped forward to reassure us that we are choosing a GOOD man who has a history of love for America and the desire to serve America's best interests.  What few records in his life that have been dug up, are ALL SEALED TO THE PUBLIC.  Those who seek information are investigated themselves!!! I.E. Joe the Plumber.. and examples such as THIS...

We have heard about his associations and friends in life though he wishes we had not. Certainly NONE of them have appeared on TV to share about and reassure us of his patriotism and allegiance to America.  And why not??  Because ALL of those associations are America-haters, anti-white, anti-Jew, anti-democracy, anti-American, pro marxist, pro-communist, socialist enemies of our country. 

Has there EVER been a candidate for president of these blessed United States of America, who has such a full stable of  ANTI-AMERICAN friends from his birth to this very day??

PEOPLE!!!!!!  These facts should SCARE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!  I don't care WHAT he is saying and what he is promising - LOOK AT THESE FACTS, WHAT FEW WE HAVE... this isn't all about party feuding. It is NOTHING about party affiliation. People, this man is not your average American democrat... he is a FAR EXTREME LEFT WING (anti-American) democrat who scares the general democratic population. Check out DEMOCRATS FOR McCain ... Hillary Supporters For McCain ... HILL BUZZ ... PUMA PARTY ... Just Say NO Deal ... and hundreds more sites, just google!!  And here is an excellent article, compiling Obama's own words concerning who he is and what he intends to do. The Case Against Obama. This is a very thoughtful case.

This election boils down to choosing a PROVEN AMERICAN LOVING, PRO-AMERICAN citizen with a lifetime of defending this country and serving this country, and the experience to lead wisely- verses choosing an UNKNOWN on MANY LEVELS, with FRIGHTENING associations, with a FRIGHTENING anti-America upbringing (immersed in Marxism from his raising by his mother and grandparents, to the seeking out of marxist friends as an adult, BY HIS OWN WORDS) who speaks carefully, but has slipped enough for us to know he speaks with a forked tongue.  His words and his ideas come straight from the SOCIALIST playbooks.

John McCain is not a perfect man but his allegiance to the United States is UNQUESTIONED.  Barack Obama is not a perfect man either, and his allegiance to the United States is VERY QUESTIONABLE.



Karol said...

I am proud to be an American. I am proud to say I am voting tomorrow for McCain/Palin.

Dear God, please bless America (again). Amen.

Pam said...

oh sweet Lynn....I'm SO with you. I can't say any more than you said it well, and thank you for doing it. We will see...tomorrow (I hope). And then maybe I can breathe again. :( Just wanted to take this moment to say that I love you and that I think of you often...and that I have been way too preoccupied for weeks now, with the election and learning all I can to pass along to any who will listen, to blog beyond a few quick posts or visit or leave comments. Anyway...I love your passion and you have as much right (for now anyway ;) to speak what you believe as anyone else. (but if you do decide to ever password...I'll want that password) xoxo

Carol said...

Very well said. I agree with every word. Please also remember WHO is in control.
In my county, we are all vote-by-mail. I miss going to the polls and voting in the booth -- it was always a family activity for us. So, we voted a few days ago for McCain/Palin, even though the majority of the population (Seattle area) usually decides for the rest of the state. So, WA's electoral votes usually go Dem. I still vote.
That was a long winded comment, sorry. :0)
Still praying

Two Sisters from the Right said...

Wonderful, wonderful post, Lynn!!! I share your passion about this nation, which may not be perfect but is still the greatest in the world. I join you and the others in prayer for a McCain victory tomorrow.....and remember: It ain't over until the fat lady sings!

Denise said...

Hi again sweetie, it's a big day for me tomorrow ;-) I get to vote for the VERY FIRST TIME, as a US citizen!!! And I'm praying for a McCain victory. :-)

Carol said...

Congratulations Denise!!

Tänia said...

Lynny Poo... you amaze me with your writing skills. Well said my friend. Well said.

Blessings to you!

The Bean said...

Happy Voting Day!

~Pam~ said...

Hi Lynn!
Great post!!!

My hubby and I voted this morning..of course for McCain/Palin.
My 19 year old daughter voted for the first time today. I am so proud of her and she said she it was a good feeling to vote.

Excited for the outcome of this election!!

Love you

Mary said...

Thanks for the passwords, Lynn. I do agree with all you've said here and then there's more. I have so much to say, but I guess I just don't feel like writing about it on my blog. Mainly I'm so angry at our biased press coverage. I believe with all my heart that the press is 100% to blame for the low approval numbers on Bush, the war in Iraq and the bad coverage of McCain/Palin has run his numbers down too. I won't go any further but I could.

I do get discouraged but always go back to the truth that God is in control. In HIM I'll put my faith.

Love, Mary

Anonymous said...

so unreal to me that you need to take such measures on a blog for crying out loud!


Sue said...

Thanks for the PW Lynnie! Although I'm not American, and don't live in the U.S., I feel such a love & kindred spirit with my "cousins" to the South... and this election has brought such heartache and sadness to me. Thanks for your amazing post with all that information.

Thank GOD He is in control because there is something so wrong with the U.S. media and power-hungry people supporting this man of ill-reputation. Reading that one thing about his timeline... gheesh... on paper he sounds like a creep and the person you'd least like as your president, yet he is such a crafty deceiver (like someone else we know ;-) that his smooth-tongue has won over so many "intelligent" people. A very sad day in the USA... that's for sure!

Praying like never before for y'all!

Love ya xo

Tänia said...

Thank you for the invite! I appreciate that.

The one thing that I have to say, since the election is now over... the responsibility falls on us, those that call ourselves Americans. We have to pray for God's hand upon our country. We have to pray for our outgoing president as well as our incoming. We have to pray for the leaders of our country to come together. And most of all... we need to pray that we see many come to Christ quickly, for our world is about to change radically.

Jenn said...

thanks for letting me in, lynn. i am in total agreement with what you said, of course. now i have to admit mccain was never my first choice, by a long shot. but once he was the nominee, and once i saw who he was up against, i really knew in my heart i needed to support him. i was devastated tuesday evening and still am very sad and disappointed and also worried. i'm now focusing my energy in prayer. can you imagine what would happen if mr o became a Christian? right now he is more of an "idol" than a human politician.
anyway, i wanted in to tag you in a creative meme. but i can understand if you're not up to it.
love you lynn!!!!!!!!

Tänia said...

Just checking in...

~Sindee~ said...

Hi Lynn!
Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog. I love to read your entries when I have time to be on the computer.
I totally agree with your entry and I'm very concerned about the next 4 years.
I'm really proud of my home state of Oklahoma for voting for McCain. We were 66% strong here for him.
This nation is going to need a lot of prayer in the coming days!

Hope you and yours are well.