Sunday, October 12, 2008

A SWEET Visit...

The girls and I had a nice visit this week - with big sister Gretchen. She brought her new golden retriever puppy, Belle along with her. It was Belle's first big adventure away from home and she did wonderful! 

You can see who was THRILLED to lay eyes on Belle for the first time! Love Struck Katelyn just adored her! Of course when Hannah saw her, the 'awwwwwwws' went on at length as well! What a SWEET SWEET puppy she is!  She turned 4 months old during her visit.  Gretchen and Joe have been working with her and she is so well behaved and already nicely trained - what a pleasure she is to be around.  GOOD DOGGIE!

It was a short visit, sadly. Gretchen got here after work Thursday night, and Friday we drove down to Seagrove Beach, Florida where the wedding will take place in April. (Sorry Karol.. we were only 3 blocks from you, but didn't even have time to pop in for a visit. LONG story!) Gretchen had an appointment with a florist, to discuss wedding arrangements. We also took a few minutes to check out the beach where the ceremony will take place, and to take a peek at the two beach houses they have rented for the occasion. Gretchen treated us girls to lunch at The Back Porch in Pier Park.  Their original location is just down the road, in Destin.

Isn't it a colorful place!?! We sat out on the patio and they allowed the doggies (we took Casey and Belle with us) in and they were so well behaved! Both of them rested under the table while we ate outside, enjoying the nice fall sea air. You can see the beautiful Gulf of Mexico right across the street and it's a very relaxing atmosphere. Oooh, did it make me miss living there! October was always my favorite month at the beach - warm days, cool nights, minimal crowds - great outdoors weather. I DO miss it!


We stopped over at the beach after our floral appointment and took a few pictures right at sunset.  I called Bobby and he met us over there for a quick visit.

It went by way too quick and we were on our way back home. We got in late and I had tuckered out girls - canine and human alike!

Saturday morning we slept in and then had coffee out on the screened in patio while the dogs played in the yard. I wish I had gotten a video of Belle chasing after Casey trying to get her to play! Casey (nearly 14) thought Belle had lost her mind! LOL! But she did give brief chase a time or two, when the pup ragged her hard enough!  They were funny and we laughed and laughed at those two!

Can you tell Katelyn is in LOVE!?!?!  She moped around Saturday afternoon, missing Gretchen and Belle.  It was fun and we'll see them again in a little over a month, God willing. We will all gather at my sister's in Montgomery, Alabama, for Thanksgiving... my most favorite day of every year because all my family is together that day.

Gretchen, thank you for bringing your sunshine to us this week.. even if only for a day or two! We love you and miss you!

One final photo from the beach... and a face no one could resist!  : )


P.S. UH OH... A little hanky panky detected on the "Fight the Smears" site concerning the Obama/ACORN relationship.

See ya'll next time...



Susan said...

Hi Lynn, the new puppy is so cute. Great pictures as always. Someday I want to get a really nice camera. We watched the bio of McCain last night and it was very interesting. Take care. Hugs

Denise said...

Hi Lynn, Belle is just too cute, so glad you all had a wonderful visit with her and Gretchen. So Gretchen's getting married? I think I missed soemthing? Must go back and read your posts again?
Have a great week.

The Bean said...

Your girls have gotten so big! I can't believe it!!!! Tell Gretchen hello for me next time you see or talk to her. Belle is adorable. Mr. Bean, aka my hubby, has promised Baby Bean and I a puppy for Christmas. I can't wait!

Sue said...

What a great post Lynn! I would LOVE to live near the ocean/gulf, especially on days like today when there has been rumor of snow flurries around - blech!

Your girls are so gorgeous! They sound gorgeous on the inside too from your posts. You & Bobby have done good, girl!! ;-)

Thanks for sharing your trip with us :-) xo