Thursday, October 09, 2008


Is this ACORN group getting under your skin? It is mine. I fail to understand why we must go out and encourage those who are NON-interested and UN-informed, to vote anyway?  Why would anyone want people who are uninformed, uneducated, uninterested in what's going on in the world around them - to VOTE for a candidate who's world view, character and wisdom would directly impact the course of our country? 

Yet we have ACORN going out and recruiting the uninformed, uninterested masses by the tens of thousands - to vote! Some of them when interviewed are very honest to say they don't know what's going on and don't care! They go along with it because they "get a gift" for registering to vote. One street thug said he didn't care, but he voted for Obama cos they gave him a nice pen.. the one he filled out the form with.

And we have people like this determining our future!?!?!  ACORN has admitted that one of every two of these registrations are fraudulent!! FRAUDULENT!! This means the election is being rigged, stacked, stolen, and a candidate is illegally attaining to the highest position of leadership and authority in our land. I say illegally because many of these registrations are multiple -some as many as 20 times - SAME PERSON. Multiply this by tens of thousands, and you might just squeeze out a win.

What do you all think about this? My opinion is that democrats do not care about the impoverished, the uneducated, the homeless - but don't think twice about USING them as a stepping block on their greedy quest to attain power.

And how about this article?

On the home front... still holding on to the knot at the end of my rope!


Nick M. said...

As a Democrat AND a Christian I take serious issue with the following statement:

"What do you all think about this? My opinion is that democrats do not care about the impoverished, the uneducated, the homeless - but don't think twice about USING them as a stepping block on their greedy quest to attain power."

Quite simply you could not be more wrong, and I am not speaking just for myself I am speaking for Democrats as a whole.

Also if you spend just a couple of short minutes researching things you hear about on the news such as ACORN you would learn that Senator Obama indeed has no ties to this organization (this is no more true than everyone's favorite rumor that he is a Muslim).

Speaking of Muslims, on my sister's blog the other day you said Islam is not a religion but an ideaology. This also could not be more false. What many people believe to be Islam (people blowing up stuff and hating those who aren't like them) is actually Islamic FUNDAMENTALISTS who in comparison are no different than the KKK (who claim to do their terrible deeds because 'its what God wants').

You talked about how the uninformed should not vote and if that is the case I would like to request that you stay home on election day because everything you have written about in this post (as well as in my sister's comment section) are unfounded rumors and things that have been factually been proven to be not true:
-He's a Muslim
-He supports infanticide
-He wants to teach sex ed to children
-He wants to raise your taxes
And so on and so on

Lynn said...

TO Nick,

I won't bother to write any lengthy response to this, though I have factual, credible documentation addressing ALL your points listed above and several points you made, I am chomping at the bit to address.

God himself could send down that documentation and order me to give it to you and you would not accept/receive it, as your mind is made up about your candidate.

So be it. My mind is made up as well.

It might surprise you though, to hear that you are not ALL KNOWING. Last time I checked, God was still on that throne... so don't be too cocky about what you think you know! : )

Oh, and you should recheck your own 'facts' on ACORN as Obama hired ACORN a number of weeks back, to be in charge of his "GET THE VOTE OUT" campaign. You heard of that, right? He definitely has a longtime and ongoing "relationship" with ACORN. And boy have they done a job for him - half of those they registered, ACORN is now claiming were fraudulent. WHAT THE HECK?? Of course nothing will be done about that..

I don't have time to sit here and type out documentation on all I have written and your ears are not receptive to hearing it anyway.

To my visitors -
Nick is here to 'address' me because his sister respectfully shared her political concerns on her own blog and Nick and his friends came over (as usual) to correct her, to belittle her, to discredit her, to ridicule her views. Some of their comments were very disrespectful and I am surprised Nick would not defend his sister's right to speak her opinions (without vicious slamming of those opinions) since her opinions are as valid as his.


As I wrote to you Nick, I am very well informed, having read the writings of the two candidates themselves, and being fully informed of their policies, their characters, their associations, their beliefs...and I will definitely be voting.

And finally, this is my blog and it is my right as such, to express my opinions,views, beliefs, thoughts,concerns, philosophies - WHATEVER I want to write about.

NO ONE is ever required to come here to read it. I write for myself.
If you visit here and find you don't like me or like the things I might write about - Please feel free to click the X in the upper right corner of your browser.

No hard feelings -