Friday, September 19, 2008

This and That...

DSC00531 Aaah, it's good to be back.  Last week our computer power cord bit the dust, aided by the carelessness of two girls who shall remain nameless. : /  They did not seem to understand my repeated warnings that pulling the cord taunt and continually pressing it against things would eventually bend/break the wires inside and kill the power!  Needless to say - it happened. I was right!  So we spent a week without computer access while waiting for a replacement charging cord to come in from eBay.  DSC00541Note in the picture to the left - the kinked cord! GRRRR... and also notice the very effective multi-tasking - computing, telephoning and thumbs up, all at the same time! LOL!

A side note - if you ever find yourself in need of a replacement power cord, do NOT buy local! Every place I called (all the common electronics stores located everywhere) wanted at least - AT LEAST 89.99 for a universal power cord. (Not guaranteed to even fit our computer!)  The highest price I was quoted was 159.99!! For a universal cord! Needless to say, I ebay'd for one (from my trusty little iPod - not convenient to go online with, but available if needed) and found one specifically made for my computer, for 14.95 plus 8.00 shipping!

A lot of things happening in the news this past week. Hurricane Ike wreaked devastation upon Texas.  I feel so bad for these many families who left home to be safe, and now have no home to return to. I cannot even imagine. : (  Thankfully, the ocean is clear at this time, and we have a break from these storms.

So many things happening on the news front, it's hard to stay on top of it all.  All I can say is THESE ARE PERILOUS TIMES IN MANY WAYS.  Not gonna get into it all today - but people had best be paying VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the candidates running, to their associations and influences, and to their mind-sets concerning this great country and how to retain her strength and glory.  Be sure... BE VERY SURE of who you cast your vote for.

DSC00536 On the home front, Hannah, Katelyn and I continue to struggle along. I know many families are doing the same.  Bobby and Zach are living hand to mouth in Panama City - so we are all dealing with stress on several levels. It's not fun, but it is what it is - and we just take it a day at a time.  Katelyn said I never smile anymore, so we took this picture together, so she could see me smiling. : / Sad, huh!

These days I am contemplating more and more, Jesus' lifestyle while He lived on this earth. He owned nothing, not even a place to lay His head, according to scripture. And He was unencumbered. More and more I am feeling the need to turn loose of material things. Car loans, mortgages, ever increasing gas prices, ever increasing food prices, ever increasing everything! And the tendency is to acquire more, more and more.  I am wanting to simplify... to scale back, to reduce the burdens of so many things and so many obligations.  And right now - going up against a brick wall trying to do that. It's not easy to sell houses and cars right now. SIGH.  So we continue to hold on to the knot at the end of the rope. But I am growing weary, I tell you that.

Well, the weekend is upon us, so I hope you all have a peaceful one.  To all the football fans - may your team WIN!  (ROLL TIDE ROLL!!) To those who are not football fans, I hope you enjoy a nice weekend as fall approaches!


Robin said...

Good Morning Lynn and happy to hear that the puter is up and running. I can relate about house selling. My house in Michigan has been for sale and I have had to drop the price to an unbelievable low just to draw attention. It's horrible there. Will pray for you! Love ya girl!!

Sue said...

Oh Lynn... you sure sound like you have a backload of burdens upon your sweet family. I pray Jesus' come quickly and lighten your load and return that beautiful smile to your face!

I sooo get you with the power cord thing you mentioned in your post. I had to replace my cord for my laptop this past year. It cost me $90 and mine doesn't take the "universal cord". Felt totally ripped off but it was cheaper than a new 'puter!

Love & Hugs xo

Mary said...

Can you believe that my cat, Earl, bit through my power cord last year? That turkey! Same story for me. Man those things are expensive. I never thought to look on Ebay, though. What a great idea. Good going, Lynn!

Yeah, I was in the bay area this week and got to visit my friends there. We too were talking about the more simple, back to basics life styles.

Praying for you as always,

Love, Mary

Michelle said...

Lynn, Please smile!! You have a wonderful smile. I will pray for you and your family. I'm feeling the pressures myself of this economy, especially because I may end up a single parent here soon, not that I'm wanting it. But I'm scared wondering if I can make it in this world. One thing to remember though, our economy may be having problems, but we have a God who can there's hope for us!!

I miss you and sorry that I'm not always around for you.

Take care & God Bless~Michelle

The Bean said...

It's nice to have you back online. :) This too shall pass. All our love to you guys and hope your spirits are back up soon!