Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Goodbye Gustav...We Fared Well But Trouble Looms in the Caribbean

Thank you Sue and Denise, for thinking of us and asking about us in the comments.   In Southeast Alabama where I am, and in Panama City, Florida where I have family, and also in Mobile, Alabama where I have a child - we all fared very well through Hurricane Gustav. Here and in Panama City, it was basically wind and rain - no problems at all. In Mobile, Alabama where Nathan is living, they experienced a little more action, but still fared very well.

This morning I am seeing on Fox News that there was a lot of damage in Louisiana. Yes, it could have been so much worse but there is still a lot of flooding and structural damage to be dealt with around the state. The residents are being kept away for fear it is not yet safe to return. This must be very frustrating, knowing that another potential major gulf threat (Hurricane Ike) is only several days away. We have three more storms out there which are headed this way so the next couple of weeks will be busy. I just pray they will all have minimal impact on those who will be in their path. It's that scary time of year for those of us who live in the south, in the coastal states.

One thing that has come out of the hurricane is the opportunity to see Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in action - and I DO LIKE what I have seen! He is an impressive young leader and I look forward to seeing him play an integral part on the larger political stage in the not too distant future. I am encouraged to see such vibrant and capable up and coming Republicans.

For a very thoughtful and sensitive, well written article on the coming trials of Sarah Palin, visit the American Thinker and read their September 1 entry. This link should go directly to the article.  It's really sad to see the forked-tongue hypocrisy concerning this woman and her family. Feminists are obviously NOT for women!! If they were, they would be shouting from the rooftops, crying out against the accusations and outright mudslinging being hurled against Sarah Palin. Maybe what Rush said was right? ("To feminists, politics trumps sisterhood.") 

Finally, in my internet travels I ran across this video of Ronald Reagan giving his speech from which I draw one of my sidebar quotes - the "Rendezvous with Destiny" quote. Someone posted this video which they saw on another blog, and commented, "Reagan's words still apply to today's national and global situation. You only need to replace "Russia" and "Cold War" with "Islamofascism" to hear the truth still ring through." I TOTALLY AGREE. Here's the video and it's only about 4 minutes long - and very worth listening to. This is vintage Reagan, and why I love the man so much.



~Pam~ said...

Hi Lynn,
I have finally caught up with you again! I have missed reading your blog. I too am VERY excited about the upcoming election and about Sarah Palin. I need to update my blog again. Where did you get that McCain/Palin graphic? Talk to you later.
God bless

Mary said...

Hi Lynn,

I watched Gastuv heading for your area, praying and wondering the whole time how you and your family were. I couldn't tell by Facebook or your blog. I was relieved to know the hurricane wasn't as beefy as they, the weather people, originally thought. It is a relief to read your blog today. But I'm still worried about line of storms that are traveling toward the whole Gulf coast states so I'll keep my vigil up. I'll be watching for updates. Please keep us posted. K? We care and are concerned.

Love, Mary

Michelle said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm glad that you all are doing ok. We ended up evacuating and stayed in Dothan AL. I so hope that these next hurricanes won't be anything. I really hate having to keep evacuating.

Anyway, you & your family will be in my prayers.

Luv & blessings~Michelle