Monday, September 29, 2008

Checking In... And Conducting a Little Sale Here...

I'm sorry to be so irregular in posting. It's just hard for me to sit down here and write anything these days. Times are tougher than tough and that's all I have to say about that.

Over the weekend my Alabama Crimson Tide beat the 3rd ranked Georgia Bulldogs in Athens, GA. We were thrilled! When I was in 10th grade we lived in Athens, Georgia for a year before moving over to Atlanta. I know how fanatical they are about their "dawgs"!!  To this day, I still like those scrappy bulldogs, but I LOVE my Crimson Tide! We prevailed Saturday and are now ranked 2nd in the nation! We have some tough games ahead of us, but I have faith we will get the job done, a week at a time!! ROLL TIDE!!!

The man who was kind enough to point me to the laptop charger on eBay (couple of weeks ago) also fixed my PC which died several months ago. He did it for a very reasonable price (half of what Best Buy quoted me, to fix it.) It is as good as new which I was so happy to hear because it was a nice (expensive) computer. But unfortunately I don't have the funds to retrieve it from him at this time. And don't foresee having those funds any time soon. It may be months before I can get it back. I hope he'll be patient as I told him up front, I didn't have the money to pay for the repairs at this time.

We have to make some critical changes in our household, immediately. Those changes involve finances - the big ones being the house and car. We need to get rid of both and would so covet your prayers for that to happen, and right away. We are stretched so thin that buying groceries and gas (both of which are needed)  has become difficult.

If any of you are in the market for a good camera which has been well cared for, used minimally (just under 1 yr old) please contact me. Mine is for sale. Asking price is 300.00 and that includes camera and all accessories which came with the camera, and I will even throw in the nice camera bag I purchased for it. I will throw in the memory duo stick and the memory stick adaptor as well. (these add'l accessories are worth 55.00)

The camera is a high end point and shoot with optional full manual settings. It's a Sony Cybershot DSC-H9B, 8.1 Megapixel, 15x Optical/2x Digital Zoom, Digital Camera (Black)(DSCH9B). It can be seen HERE.  A small picture of my camera is on this page in the upper left corner of my sidebar as well. This model is presently going on eBay for 300.00 - used and listed as showing moderate wear. By contrast, mine is in brand new condition with no wear or scratches. It is kept clean and in a well padded camera bag. The battery has been charged less than 10 times so you can see it has not been used very much. And mine includes additional accessories.

Prices for a brand new one in the box are ranging from about 359 - 699.00. The average price of a new one (if bought from a reputable dealer online) is around 389.00-439.00. In watching the prices since I bought last year, this camera has NOT declined in price or value over the past year as most models do! The 15X optical zoom is an amazing feature which is extremely hard to find!

With the tender loving care I have given mine, the minimal usage, the additional accessories I am including (nicely padded bag, pro memory stick and adaptor) I feel 300.00 is a fair price. I paid right at 460.00 for the whole works that I am offering for 300.00. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this high end point and shoot. This is about the top of the line unless you want to go into DSLR cameras. I do not want to sell this gem of a camera, but NEED to sell ASAP.

Thanks for reading through this post. Keep us in your prayers. Relationships and finances are strained to the breaking point in our family.  I'll post as I am able.


Friday, September 19, 2008

This and That...

DSC00531 Aaah, it's good to be back.  Last week our computer power cord bit the dust, aided by the carelessness of two girls who shall remain nameless. : /  They did not seem to understand my repeated warnings that pulling the cord taunt and continually pressing it against things would eventually bend/break the wires inside and kill the power!  Needless to say - it happened. I was right!  So we spent a week without computer access while waiting for a replacement charging cord to come in from eBay.  DSC00541Note in the picture to the left - the kinked cord! GRRRR... and also notice the very effective multi-tasking - computing, telephoning and thumbs up, all at the same time! LOL!

A side note - if you ever find yourself in need of a replacement power cord, do NOT buy local! Every place I called (all the common electronics stores located everywhere) wanted at least - AT LEAST 89.99 for a universal power cord. (Not guaranteed to even fit our computer!)  The highest price I was quoted was 159.99!! For a universal cord! Needless to say, I ebay'd for one (from my trusty little iPod - not convenient to go online with, but available if needed) and found one specifically made for my computer, for 14.95 plus 8.00 shipping!

A lot of things happening in the news this past week. Hurricane Ike wreaked devastation upon Texas.  I feel so bad for these many families who left home to be safe, and now have no home to return to. I cannot even imagine. : (  Thankfully, the ocean is clear at this time, and we have a break from these storms.

So many things happening on the news front, it's hard to stay on top of it all.  All I can say is THESE ARE PERILOUS TIMES IN MANY WAYS.  Not gonna get into it all today - but people had best be paying VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the candidates running, to their associations and influences, and to their mind-sets concerning this great country and how to retain her strength and glory.  Be sure... BE VERY SURE of who you cast your vote for.

DSC00536 On the home front, Hannah, Katelyn and I continue to struggle along. I know many families are doing the same.  Bobby and Zach are living hand to mouth in Panama City - so we are all dealing with stress on several levels. It's not fun, but it is what it is - and we just take it a day at a time.  Katelyn said I never smile anymore, so we took this picture together, so she could see me smiling. : / Sad, huh!

These days I am contemplating more and more, Jesus' lifestyle while He lived on this earth. He owned nothing, not even a place to lay His head, according to scripture. And He was unencumbered. More and more I am feeling the need to turn loose of material things. Car loans, mortgages, ever increasing gas prices, ever increasing food prices, ever increasing everything! And the tendency is to acquire more, more and more.  I am wanting to simplify... to scale back, to reduce the burdens of so many things and so many obligations.  And right now - going up against a brick wall trying to do that. It's not easy to sell houses and cars right now. SIGH.  So we continue to hold on to the knot at the end of the rope. But I am growing weary, I tell you that.

Well, the weekend is upon us, so I hope you all have a peaceful one.  To all the football fans - may your team WIN!  (ROLL TIDE ROLL!!) To those who are not football fans, I hope you enjoy a nice weekend as fall approaches!

Thursday, September 11, 2008



Sitting here this morning, watching the various commemorative services - my heart is broken again. It is also fortified to continue to support our troops as they battle against oppression against freedom, in every place.

A couple of years ago on this same occasion, I read a commentary online at One Man's Blog.  I do not endorse this blog - only this post written on 9/11/2006.  I am not familiar with the blogger's views other than this post which is worth repeating and it went like this:

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is credited with saying, after the attack on Pearl Harbor,

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the re-awakening of a sleeping giant.

The terrorists in the Middle East are not led by philosophy, history and the promise of universal peace and freedom. But are pious, unquestioning and often ignorant; making for a dangerous, if not lethal, combination when mixed with a religious Autocracy.

A part of me has sympathy for the plight of those people who become inducted into the terrorist’s regime. The same kind of sympathy for youth who become ensnared in gangs, or young men that become trapped in the mafia. The terrorists are zealots, but the fascist societies in which they are bred often offer little or no alternative.

When democracy is stamped out, people are left catering to the will of those in power in order to survive. In places like Afghanistan, Iran, and China a human life is valued by servitude and obedience to the powerful.

September 11 reminds me that wherever democracy fails, people are enslaved. And people that are enslaved will have no access to unbiased history, freedom of speech, and freedom from oppression. Slaves will submit to all manner of misfortunes opposed upon them so long as they believe they will remain alive; and will even submit themselves to death under the justification that it would have come to them sooner had they offered opposition.

9/11, and the many terrorist attacks before and since, are the flailings of backwards societies which are trying to survive in a world where information now seeps in to disrupt their monopolistic control of young minds.

Make no mistake, this is not about religion… it’s a struggle against freedom. It always has been.

The final line is so true.  May we never grow weary in the struggle to uphold freedom and liberty! The alternative is unthinkable!

THANK YOU to all of you who left kind comments and love and well wishes on my birthday. How did you even know?? It passed with little fanfare, which is ok. I'm not much into birthdays anymore!  But thank you for remembering.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Being My Brother's Keeper...

I am loving watching the Palin kids take their turns tending to their little baby brother, Trig. It's brought back sweet memories of Gretchen when she was little, tending to the babies. She toted my babies on her hip and fed them in their highchair, rocked them in the old blue rocker and generally tended to them from the tender age of 7 when the first baby (Zach) came along after her. I have pictures of her 'mothering' a baby Zach, a baby Hannah and a baby Katelyn who all came along after her.  I have pictures of Nathan toting them all as well, entertaining them and making them laugh, encouraging them as they were learning new things like walking or eating, or mastering a new skill. SWEET SWEET memories of my 'big' kids interacting with my little kids.

So I love seeing these Palin kids busy caring for their little baby brother. It's so sad and disheartening that I've read so many criticisms of this very thing, this act of sibling love - complaints, snide remarks about the older sibs tending to baby Trig (and insinuating his mother should be doing all the caring for him and she obviously cannot do her mothering job because she is too busy in politics.) RIDICULOUS!! Utterly ridiculous! 

This is what is so precious about larger families - the love and interdependence and interaction... the examples of the older to the younger. It makes me angry to hear these criticisms of the older Palin children holding, feeding, cuddling baby Trig. SHAME ON ALL THE CRITICS who obviously have not experienced healthy family interaction!

All of this 'family' and ''personal attack on Sarah Palin reminds me of a quote from a well respected and proven lady of the world stage - Margaret Thatcher...

"When they attack one personally it means they haven't a single political argument left."  Margaret Thatcher.


With all this said... now take a look at this sweet video and SMILE!  It's only a few seconds, but priceless! Every little brother needs such a helpful big sister to keep him looking his best! LOL!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Goodbye Gustav...We Fared Well But Trouble Looms in the Caribbean

Thank you Sue and Denise, for thinking of us and asking about us in the comments.   In Southeast Alabama where I am, and in Panama City, Florida where I have family, and also in Mobile, Alabama where I have a child - we all fared very well through Hurricane Gustav. Here and in Panama City, it was basically wind and rain - no problems at all. In Mobile, Alabama where Nathan is living, they experienced a little more action, but still fared very well.

This morning I am seeing on Fox News that there was a lot of damage in Louisiana. Yes, it could have been so much worse but there is still a lot of flooding and structural damage to be dealt with around the state. The residents are being kept away for fear it is not yet safe to return. This must be very frustrating, knowing that another potential major gulf threat (Hurricane Ike) is only several days away. We have three more storms out there which are headed this way so the next couple of weeks will be busy. I just pray they will all have minimal impact on those who will be in their path. It's that scary time of year for those of us who live in the south, in the coastal states.

One thing that has come out of the hurricane is the opportunity to see Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in action - and I DO LIKE what I have seen! He is an impressive young leader and I look forward to seeing him play an integral part on the larger political stage in the not too distant future. I am encouraged to see such vibrant and capable up and coming Republicans.

For a very thoughtful and sensitive, well written article on the coming trials of Sarah Palin, visit the American Thinker and read their September 1 entry. This link should go directly to the article.  It's really sad to see the forked-tongue hypocrisy concerning this woman and her family. Feminists are obviously NOT for women!! If they were, they would be shouting from the rooftops, crying out against the accusations and outright mudslinging being hurled against Sarah Palin. Maybe what Rush said was right? ("To feminists, politics trumps sisterhood.") 

Finally, in my internet travels I ran across this video of Ronald Reagan giving his speech from which I draw one of my sidebar quotes - the "Rendezvous with Destiny" quote. Someone posted this video which they saw on another blog, and commented, "Reagan's words still apply to today's national and global situation. You only need to replace "Russia" and "Cold War" with "Islamofascism" to hear the truth still ring through." I TOTALLY AGREE. Here's the video and it's only about 4 minutes long - and very worth listening to. This is vintage Reagan, and why I love the man so much.