Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Is This?

*** UPDATE - Sun Evening ***

My sweet lil Lisa friend saw my pictures and made a positive id on the flowers! She is so smart! I have never seen or heard of this flower bulb before, but it is called a Siam Tulip! I am so glad to know what it is, and now I am so sad that I did such a thorough job of digging out those beds and unknowing, removed most of these nice bulbs. : ( The lady who used to live here probably planted a number of these bulbs and in a nice orderly planting. Oh well.. I have three pretty ones left to enjoy. : / Thanks Lisa, for providing some info and a link in the comments. I wish you would go to and start a blog. You have lots of knowledge on many various things, and interesting things to share. Please, please please!!!  : )


These interesting pale lavender/pinkish flowers grew up out of nowhere recently. There is one in my little flower bed by the front door, and a couple in the bed of mexican heather on the opposite side of my front door. I assume they grew from bulbs the former owner planted since I turned these beds over pretty good (must've missed these!)  They are over 3 feet tall and the bloom is a spike which then opens. Very handsome flowers but I don't know what they are! If you know, leave me a comment and share the info on this pretty flower!  I've never planted bulbs so I am not familiar with many different types, only the very popular ones like daffodils/crocus etc.

DSC00491  DSC00494

DSC00495  DSC00499

You can click on each picture for a closer look. Guess it's kind of icky to some of you, but while photographing the flower I saw this spider eating her dinner - a big bumble bee that was captured in her practically invisible web!  I thought it was kind of cool. The spider has hairy legs! LOL!! And when I viewed the picture full size, the bee actually looks furry, like a soft-coated dog!  I never realized they were furry! Aren't cameras great and isn't nature so very interesting! Oh, the things we miss when we don't take time to inspect creation more closely.


Anonymous said...

it is a Siam Tulip

xo Lisa

Diane said...

Well, I usually know my flowers pretty well, but that I've never seen! Lisa says it's a Siam Tulip?! Never heard of it! HA! But it sure is beautiful. And the spider picture? VERY cool!

Michelle said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm such a dingy!! I had typed out my message and forgot to post it. Anyway just a recap...don't know what the flower is but isn't it amazing the different flowers God created.

Sorry that I move around so much, but I think I'm here to stay...cross fingers.. lol

Take care!!
Luv & blessings~

Anonymous said...

More pictures of different types of Siam Tulips:

Did I ever tell you I LOVE flowers LOL? Guess not hee hee hee

xo Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
I knew right away it was in the tulip family but smart Lisa had the correct name for it! Thanks Lisa
That spider picture is really amazing!! Bet you could enter that picture plus the flowers that turned out so nice in a photo contest and win!!
Hugs Doralea'

Anonymous said...

LOL Lynn - what would I possibly blog about?

miss our chats! need your new phone #

xo Lisa

Mary said...

Hi Lynn,

Wow, beautiful flower pictures. I think I need to update my camera cuz I'm not getting any shots that are even close to being as good as yours. The markings on that spider are just as beautiful as the flower itself. Interesting shot. Thanks for show and tell.

How are the wedding plans coming along? I'd be happy to help if you need any.

Hugs, Mary

Denise said...

I don't really like spiders but I have to say that is a great picture you took. Lovely flowers too.
We only have one more week before school starts back -where did the summer go?

Sue said...

Hi Lynn!

Beautiful flowers! And I agree with Denise... great pic of the spider even though I'd rather not see that live - lol

Have a wonderful day Sweetie!

Kimberly said...

What awesome photos!!! They show so much detail; even the yucky bug and spider. Well for a spider it is beautiful, amazing God's creation!

Terry said...

Cool spider! We have some black and yellow ones here that are big and beautiful and scary all at the same time! But I've never seen a green one before! Aren't bumblebees great? We have them on the butterfly bush and the rose of sharon all the time, all fuzzy and yellow from the pollen! :0)