Friday, August 29, 2008



I watched the Democratic Convention last night via Fox News. During the 2 hours I watched, I saw the following ad run four times.

This cost John McCain a LOT of money and he didn't have to do this.  He suspended all current campaign ads in favor of running this single congratulatory ad during the convention tonight. A true gentleman and a very classy thing to do. 

And now to the BIG news of the day - McCain chooses SARAH PALIN!!!!!!!!!!  


I am SOOOO STOKED over this choice John McCain has made for his vice presidential running mate!! Talk about "hitting a grand slam out of the park" - EAT YOUR HEART OUT BILL CLINTON!!! Ha!!  Months ago I said I hoped Sarah Palin would be the vice president and Bobby laughed at me, saying there was NO WAY she would be chosen! She was a long shot alright, but I knew that she would be an AWESOME choice! Congratulations John McCain and Godspeed to the McCain/Palin team as they travel across the nation on the "Straight Talk Express" over the crucial upcoming weeks.


In other news, can you all believe this Caylee Anthony story???  Bless her little heart. The DNA tests are in and they indicate that this beautiful little child is dead.  : (  So what the heck is going on with her mother???  Why is she sitting at home, seemingly detached from all of this? And take a look at this horrific story!!  This is SICK! What is wrong with people??

Well, I gotta get to school and pick up my girls! Ya'll have a great weekend!


Mary said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm glad to read that you survived the storms so far. Good job Bobby! Now we'll have to pray Gusav away from your door.

Yeah, wasn't McCain's VP pick a surprise? Way to go! What a boost of positive enery. I am really looking forward to watching the news tonight! HA!

Love Ya,


Julie said...

Don't faint...yes I'm actually catching up on my buds to see how everyone is. I've been run off my feet with work, but it's the weekend so I'm making time to blog hop without guilt.

Praying you'll be safe and fine with that nasty hurricane on the prowl. i must check the weather channel for the latest, but after your last lashing, we want you right out of the path of that darn thing.

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend sweetie. Luv you xx