Friday, August 08, 2008

Support Well Made Christian Films

Save up some "entertainment" funds for the end of September - and go to the movies! From the producers of "Facing The Giants" comes "Fireproof" and it looks to be really good!  You can watch the trailer by following the link below, and visit the website to find out if this movie will be playing in your area.  If it's not yet listed, there may be some contacts listed so you can join a local effort to bring this very worthwhile film to a theater in your town. 

You remember how "The Passion" was played down and Mel Gibson had some troubles getting it into widespread locales. You know how it goes - movies to teach your kids how to be witches and wizards are far-reaching to every local theater in every town, regardless of population - but movies promoting values, morals, godly choices, consequences of living unto ourselves rather than living submitted to Christ - they are often passed over by theaters. Support the effort to bring this very well made movie in your local theater! And if you see a local theater has already picked it up, show your support for decent movies by GOING to see it!



Sue said...

Oooh that looks good Lynne! Thanks for sharing the trailer! Hopefully it will come to Toronto!!

Karen Kingsbury's book "Like Dandelion Dust" has been made into a film too - I think it's being released Feb 2009!!

Have a great weekend Sweetie!!

Hugs xo

Kimberly said...

I have this on my blog as well; I put it on there a week or two ago. Of course I want to see the movie; especially since my husband is a fire fighter, but also because good movies are hard to come by, and this one certainly looks really good.

Anonymous said...

hmmm - way too close to home - maybe I will make it a requirement that he see it with me!!!

xo and thanks for letting us know about it


Tänia said...

I can't wait to see this film! WOO HOO! Love these guys and the films they are putting out!

Hey... have a little sumpin sumpin for you... HERE.

Love you Lynny Poo!