Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stilllll Raining... Hit the Road Tropical Storm Fay

Oh boy... what fun we have had over the past 30 hours... NOT. Due to Tropical Storm Fay's anticipated trek, that she would come right across the Wiregrass area (lower SE Alabama) schools closed early on Friday and they urged everyone to make final preparations for dear Fay's arrival. I've lived in Panama City, Florida for the past several years, and lived through the season of hurricane after hurricane three years ago - BIG hurricanes like Katrina and Ivan... CAT 4 hurricanes! What was a little tropical storm to me??? Just a rainy weekend.

The winds picked up through the afternoon, and then the rains came as well. And it rained... and rained... and rained. Guess what! It's STILL raining some thirty hours later! And the winds BLEW and BLEW!! During the night we lost power due to the totally saturated ground and very high winds  breaking/uprooting  numerous trees  citywide.  That was fun... NOT. 

Then we started seeing wet spots on the ceiling in two different rooms. Well, that was even more fun... TOTALLY NOT! Then my beautiful wood floor in the entryway began to look soaked. No water was coming in under the front door, but we later determined the brick step that is right up against the threshold outside    was so saturated, it was wetting the ends of the wood planks where they met the brick under the threshold and the wood planks were soaking up the water like a sponge.   At this point... my Christian attitude was totally down the toilet.  Frustrated

I was MAAAD.... Angry   I was SAAAD.... Crying   I was FRUSTRATED.... At wits end  and was worried about the mega bucks this storm  was going to cost (which we do not  have!)  This was supposed to have been a rainy weekend... not a hurricane!  It was acting like a hurricane - the nerve of that storm!  And of course, I was here alone with the girls as usual... so no guy help around. SIGH. Well I called Bobby and he had to get in his car and drive from Panama City in this tropical storm!  Being an hour south of us, they happened to  be between the rain bands, so were not really in the bad  weather at that point.  But he got into it soon enough as he made his way here.  Once here, then he had to go up on the roof in driving rain, and fix the leaks!  I was the "ground support" at the  base of the ladder.  Well that was just more fun than we could hardly stand!! NOT!

I felt so stressed out by all this... being hot, having no power and all that entails, watching the paint on my walls literally bubbling and peeling as they became soaked... and getting soaked myself, it was just upsetting.  Once Bobby got the roof patch around the several drains that were leaking up there (the gaskets around the pvc pipes that go through the attic and out through the roof, were ALL busted and allowing water to pour in around the pipes) he came in and showered and sat down for a few minutes and then lo and behold - he left! He drove back to Panama City! 

These are strange times.. they are. For all practical purposes, I am a single parent these days. It was me who had to climb up in the attic and search for the leaks to see what was leaking - the roof, or pipes, or what?!  After finding the problem and calling him, he DID come and go up on the roof in the rain and patch around those pipes and replace the gasket on on of them. He brought one gasket, not knowing that several were busted... so patched the others as best he could, with the gooey patch stuff.

Apparently the combination of HOT weather, cold weather, rainy weather, drought weather - all had combined to dry out and crack the gaskets which were used to seal around these drain pipes and vent pipes that went out through the roof.  Hopefully this weekend coming up will be a dry one and he can get back on the roof and properly replace the other gaskets. For now, the leaks have apparently  been stopped... but some drywall damage has been done. Some ceiling damage has been done. And some wood floor damage has been done. Thank you so much, "DEAR" Fay.  NOT!!

I'm discouraged... about so many things. I just want peace in my life... not stress, not worry, not sadness, not regret... not this feeling I am drowning.

... And the rain keeps falling.


Anonymous said...

I remember all those feelings you describe Lynn from when we got hit with the worst flooding in over 60 years in my town two years ago. We lost all our precious belongings which were being stored in our basement due to the fact that darling husband was renovating (and is still renovating)our bedrooms which normally would have housed said possesions. The worst part of it all was we lost close to twenty thousand dollars worth of stuff (not including the damage to the walls etc and FEMA sent us a check for $900.38 which didn't even cover the cost to replace the washer and dryer which were ruined not to mention all the furniture, scrapbooking supplies, my son's toys and books and on and on the list goes. When I got the check I kept thinking of those people in Louisiana who suffered thru Katrina and what they must have felt getting such little help. I was in a daze for two weeks. Thank goodness my best friends were there to help me sort and throw away all the damaged stuff. The only thing that kept it all in perspective for me was that the very same day we experienced the flooding was the day that those families lost their precious children in the Virginia Tech rampage.

And so life goes on...

Anonymous said...

for some reason my name didn't show up with my post Lynn!

it was me Lisa :-)

Denise said...

Hi Lynn, I am keeping you in my prayers and wish I could do more. I hope the rain stops soon :(

Kimberly said...

So sorry that does sound extremely frustrating. Not a good day.