Sunday, August 24, 2008

Splish Splash...

Sunday it was still raining as Fay lingered along the gulf coast.... DSC00510

This was the view looking out my front door early today... and you can see one of my pretty siam tulips that I photographed last week, the one with the DSC00509spider in it (in a previous post below.) Yep, it's the thing in the lower corner of the photos that's broken and laying in the puddle. : / (click to enlarge)

My driveway is under water as well.

But the good news was that the repairs Bobby made to the roof yesterday (see previous post) seem to have held firm... no further leaking. 

Tonight all is quiet except for an occasional stray shower which pops up out of the Gulf of Mexico, the last of the lingering tails of the bands of wind and rain that swirled round the eye of the storm all weekend. 

We continue to have a strong chance of thundershowers through Wednesday of this week, but hopefully better weather will prevail.

There has been a little ray of sunshine in my life this past week... one which brings a smile to my face!  Gretchen got a new golden retriever puppy! Her name is Belle and she is almost 10 weeks old now. Though I haven't yet met her, Gretchen has told me all about her, how sweet and precious she is. Every time I look at her cute little face and furry little body, I smile! Take a look and see if you can smell the sweet puppy breath as well...

Isn't she adorable!!!!  : ) She's trying to entice Rebel to play with her, but he's an 'old man' now and didn't think too much of this young pup's antics! He snarled now and then but mostly just tried to ignore her! Hopefully it won't be long before he'll enjoy her company. He doesn't get around very well these days - very arthritic, but now and then he has a little burst of playfulness left in him. Gretchen hopes Belle will lift his spirits and make him feel better.

I just think she is so cute! She makes me smile! We can't wait to meet her - hopefully before she gets too big!

Well, I better shut it down for tonight and try to get to bed at a semi-decent hour. More rest (than my usual 4-5 hours per night) would probably help my spirits and my ability to cope with life's trials and struggles. If I get to bed shortly, I should get about 7 hours!


Diane said...

Eeek. That dang Fay! I hope she moves along quickly.
Love the pics of Belle! Awww...PUPPIES! So cute. :)

Michelle said...

Hi Lynn,

So glad to read that you all are doing ok. I wasn't sure if we were going to get it bad from Fay, but all has been well. I know the kids & I were hoping that we wouldn't have to go into school and work today, but oh well.

Sweet puppy!!

Sending you lots luv & blessings~Michelle

Sue said...

Aw Lynn... I'm so sad to read that Fay beat you up with all that wind/rain. I'm glad Bobby could come up to help you with the repairs and that they stuck. I can't imagine the frustration you felt.

On the brighter side... love the new "grandpuppy" :-) My bf had a Goldie and we had a Collie... both BEAUTIFUL dogs!! Hope you get to meet her soon!

God bless you my friend! Hugs xo

Denise said...

Awww Belle is such a cutie, sure does put a smile on your face just to look at her :-) I hope the sun is shining for you now.

Kimberly said...

What a mess you guys have had. Hopefully things are settling down.

What a cute puppy; he looks full of mischief!!!