Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Out of my Element...

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at all there is to do, to get ready for a wedding... and to think it only lasts a few minutes!  I am also feeling a bit ashamed that I didn't participate more in my own wedding nearly thirty years ago. There are a number of reasons for that, but this was my response to my mama's attempts to help me have a nice wedding... "I don't really care mama.. I could go to a courthouse and be married and save all this time, trouble, money..."  This was my attitude toward planning a wedding.  I know - SHAME on me. sigh.

I still think it has all gotten way out of hand over the past several decades - weddings and kids birthday parties!!  LOL!  The cost factor has gotten out of control!  But I want to do my best to enjoy Gretchen's planning process because she is doing things the way she wants to.  And I like seeing her happy. (Even if this is all 'foreign' to me and I am like a fishy out of water, flopping around on the floor!)

I wanted to post a picture of Hannah's tournament team since I have been saying I would for the past month! These are the girls who went to the Fastpitch Softball World Series back in July and ended up placing 9th in their age group. Not bad since there were more than 60 teams in their 16u classification.  There were more than 300 teams there this year, representing ages 8-18!  Hannah is on the back row, right end with a bottle of water in her hand.

Last, I want to say THANK YOU to Tänia! She sent a cute little graphic to me!  You can see it over in the left sidebar... "Ewe Bless Me"... thank you ma'am! 'Ewes a blessin' too!!'  LOL!

Back to searching for wedding music! 


Tänia said...

Ewe's Welcome! Thankfully, I did not have a big wedding to worry over for myself... but I sure enjoyed working on Amy's small little wedding.


Michelle said...

Hi Lynn,

I totally understand the wedding thingy. I wasn't one of those little girls who fantasize of having a big dream wedding, it was pretty much put together with not much effort really. We only did what we could afford.

I read your last post about Christian films and I'm so with you!!

I hope all is well and don't stress to much!

Luv & blessings~Michelle

Terry said...

Hi stranger! I can't believe I came across your blog! I just started mine this week and it's been so much fun already! You'll have to stop by and see it sometime! :0)

As for the wedding, I can't say I'm into all the big fancy stuff. John and I got married on our front porch and the whole ceremony took about 10 minutes! LOL

Take care! Hugs, Terry