Thursday, August 28, 2008

OH NO... Here We Go

Well well... this year seems to be shaping up to be very active, weather-wise. Hurricane Gustav is on his way gustavtrackmapand following close behind, Tropical Storm Hanna. When you live on the Gulf Coast, hurricanes are certainly a strong possibility. Every year from June to November we live with this possibility always in the back of our minds.

We watch the tropics on a regular basis and if we see a swirling bit of red out there in the far away Caribbean... we pay attention. Best case scenario is that the canes will make a sharp turn northward and drift harmlessly out into the Atlantic and die. Worst case scenario is that they enter the Gulf of Mexico where the waters are warm and beautiful, and well known to ripen hurricanes into high category dangerous killers. They tend to strengthen dramatically once in the warmth of the Gulf of Mexico.

 atl_overviewGustav will be in the Gulf of Mexico by Sunday and once in the gulf waters, which direction he heads is unknown at this point. Therefore, the whole gulf coast is on high alert.  Someone will be hit - we all know that.  Hanna will be right on his heels and what sort of destruction will she bring? And look here! Two circles in the lower right of this map indicate two more developing tropical storms following close behind. This is starting to bring back memories of 3 summers ago when we experienced some 26 named storms that summer! More than half a dozen of them had significant impact on the area I lived in. We are NOT anxious to see a repeat here in 2008! Die you dastardly storms... DIE!! Go away! 

On a lighter note - ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! Alabama football kicks off the 2008 season this Saturday evening! We are filled with high expectations for a great season! Can't wait to watch the season opener Saturday night! (STAY AWAY Gustav!)

On a "what the heck??" note - WHAT is up with the rock star party/greek god/temple of obama worship atmosphere shaping up at the Dems convention tonight??? Isn't this a little over the top??  Wasn't enough money spent "tricking out" the convention center, without having to expensively "trick out" a second venue??  And what about the special effects being built into this 50 yard line temple, making it seem like he is "more than mere mortal" descending by way of special effects platform -  to associate with us mortals??  More than a little weird, to me!!  Me thinks he has lost touch with reality here! Just my opinion.

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Nancze said...

Hi Lynn, so sorry it's taken me so long to visit. Your always in my prayers especially since the hurrican season has been going on. I'm so glad your leak is fixed. When is Gretchen's wedding? I am doing pretty well. Getting about more and more each day. I am glad to have caught up with you. Love the fact you met my favorite actor Paul Newman, he is still a hunk to me, lol. Love you girlfriend! ~hugs~