Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav... sigh

I LOVE living in the deep south. I was born here so it's home. But one of the perils of living here is having to deal with hurricane season every year - June to November. We've had a quiet couple of years since the year 2005 which brought us more than 2 dozen hurricanes, several of those being major and very destructive! But now as 2008 hurricane season enters its' peak time the tropics are getting extremely busy.

We have hurricane Gustav who is now in the Gulf of Mexico - spinning, eyeing the coastline and sizing up victims.  We have hurricane Hanna on the lower east coast side of Florida - who knows what she will do in the next at200807_sat several days?  And two more active storms are making their way across the Caribbean, from off the coast of Africa. They will come into play in the days to come. Yes, it's a very busy season. I am compelled to pray for all the Gulf coast states and their residents, that we would be kept safe through these storms of 2008.

The rains from the outer bands of Gustav have already begun in my neck of the woods in the southeast corner of Alabama.  I am about 75 miles inland from the coast, straight north of Panama City, FL.  Some of my family is in Panama City, and my Nathan is in Mobile, AL which is a coastal city about 30 minutes east of Biloxi, Mississippi.  So we will all experience some of the effects of Gustav, even if he stays on track. If he jogs east of the present track, our level of involvement will increase.  We always pray that the hurricanes which enter the Gulf will go straight west and fizzle out in the unpopulated wilderness of Mexico. This would be the best possible outcome, always. Right now it appears that will not happen this time. I just pray New Orleans can survive this one. God bless those people there.

My hat is off to the Republicans at the convention now, who are carefully, sensitively assessing the situation and going on standby mode, pending the outcome of Gustav. This is a wise decision although I am sorry to see their convention not able to run as scheduled.  I certainly understand and respect the McCain organization all the more, for living out the "Country First" motto. 

Stay safe everybody!  To Michelle over in Biloxi, hunker down girl! Stay safe!


Denise said...

Praying for you all today, for safety and no damage to homes.
Sending big hugs to you Lynn

Sue said...

Update us please Lynnie on how you faired during the rains of Gustav. I'm glad New Orleans wasn't hit as hard as they could have. bless their hearts... it must have been so scary for those evacuating as deja vu set in.

Hope you're all safe & sound.

Hugs xo