Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I know people like to read happy posts, light-hearted posts about daily happenings in the family. But with our nation about to celebrate Independence Day on the 4th, I am worried, very worried about the state of our world and the particularly the state of our nation.  I would call your attention to one of my favorite web sites - Two Sisters From The Right and ask you to read the article there. Written  for July 1, the article is titled "In Remembrance of... America"  by Rich Carroll. Very important reading there and I left a comment for Rich.  When you read that article, you will understand my title for today.

There's not much going on around here right now, that I can speak of.  We are struggling along, and that is the truth.

We've been talking about ways to cut expenses around here.  Bobby approached the car dealership where we bought our Hyundai Santa Fe about 13 months ago - asking about trading it in for a smaller, more economical car - the Elantra.  We figured we would save a couple hundred dollars a month in car payments and less gas consumption. Unfortunately they refused to deal. They are unable to take any larger vehicles for trade right now, because they are unable to sell anything other than the small, gas friendly Elantra model.   The salesman honestly told Bobby that he and the other salesmen were barely selling any cars and all of them were in desperate financial distress. Still, they couldn't take the trades of larger vehicles because they were losing money on them.

I was discouraged, very discouraged. This means we will continue to have the higher payment and the higher fuel cost. : (  The car and house are our two largest expenses. Having only been in the house for about 6 months, we would absolutely lose our shirts and then some, if we sold this house... IF we could even sell it at all.  There are 10 houses for sale in our short two-block subdivision.  I have been very discouraged this past week - seeing no way to ease the financial pain and distress we are feeling.

HOWEVER, I am going to end this post on a happy note!  Monday my daughter Gretchen (center in photo) took a very important and Lynn Gretchen and Hannah difficult state exam.  She PASSED!!! She did well!!!  And she is now a very important person with initials after her name! : )  Gretchen Campbell, RD,LD.  She is a full-fledged registered and licensed dietician in the state of Alabama!  This is the culmination of 7 long hard years of college study.  She graduated last May, turned around and enrolled in a graduate / internship program and finished that this past February. She was immediately hired by the employer she interned for. They loved her and couldn't wait to have her onboard permanently.  So after being there some 4 months, they offered her a great promotion. But in order to receive it, she had to go ahead and sit for the state exam and become registered. There was a lot riding on the results of the exam! She was happy happy happy when she called me about noon on Monday and told me it was over and she was now a registered dietician! I'm as proud as I can be, for her!!   Her good news was SUNSHINE in my otherwise gloomy week.


Mary said...

Congratulations to Gretchen! You have every right and reason to be proud of her. She's a beautiful woman too. How blessed you are, Lynn. Dan says his children are his crowning glory. That's same phrase, I'll bet, is true for you. Good job mom!

I'm sorry to hear about your financial problems. I'll be praying for that.

Hope your July 4th is meaningful.

Love, Mary

Kimberly said...

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter, what great news!!!

So sorry about your struggles; it is everywhere. Houses here are not selling well either and of course gas is extreme everywhere. It's unfortunate they wouldn't make a deal with the vehicle, that would have helped out. Hugs!

Tänia said...

WOO HOO GRETCHEN!!!! WAY TO GO! I know you are so proud of her!

Friend... I hate that you are struggling... it seems so many are right now. I will lift you in prayer.

Love and hugs,


Michelle said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm sorry to read about your financial struggles. I think that's all of us who worry about making it in this world financially. But I pray that God will help us all!!

Congratulations to your daughter!! You all are such a beautiful family.

Take care & God Bless ~Michelle