Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Goin To The Chapel and We're Gonna Get Married...." : )

Gretchen and Joe are ENGAGED! We're having a wedding! This past weekend we drove to Biloxi, Mississippi after a week at the Softball World Series in Panama City beach, FL. Talk about a busy week! We had one to remember! 

Over a month ago Joe called and said he was going to be calling on a customer near where we live, so he wanted to take Bobby and me out to supper.  That night he asked for our permission and our blessing to ask Gretchen to marry him. He had an elaborate plan for how and when and where he would propose, and we were to be a part of that plan! But we had to keep QUIET for more than a month!  We did!

This past week his family was at a work conference at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi. (What a swanky, luxurious place that was!!) We were invited to be their guests there for the weekend, but Gretchen did not know that. She was also there as Joe's guest. We arrived mid afternoon on Friday and were whisked away to our hotel room to hide out until Joe called us on his cell phone. His plan was genius! He arranged for a fake drawing to take place during the conference, and Gretchen was announced as the winner of the drawing and was instructed to go to a room down the hall to claim her prize. She envisioned a big screen tv... maybe even a cruise as they told her the Casino gave a BIG prize!!  (Ha ha!)

Meanwhile, Joe called us and told us to head down because Gretchen was on her way to the room to claim her prize.  : )

When she arrived at the room and opened the door, her "prize" was waiting at the end of a rose-strewn path lit with candles! There, he proposed! After a few minutes, they came out to greet Joe's family who was waiting in the hallway to congratulate them! BUT, Gretchen had NO idea that her own family would be standing out there as well! She was in for a shock!

She came out smiling at his family, and then she saw us and she went very emotional on us!! She cried and shouted and ran toward me and threw her arms around me and boo-hoo'd!  Then she stepped back and wiped her tears and saw Bobby, Nathan, Katelyn and my brother Edwin all standing a few feet beyond me. (We left Hannah behind at World Series since her team was still in it at that point, and Zach had to remain behind to work.) But most of us were able to go. She hugged all of them as well and then came back and hugged me again. She just cried and cried! It was all too emotional! But it was happy tears! She was SO HAPPY that we were there to share in this special occasion with her.

It was a fun weekend as we spent time with Gretchen and also spent some time getting acquainted with Joe's family. They live in Texas so it was our first meeting.  They were very warm and welcoming and have expressed so much love for our Gretchen. We enjoyed our time together. We couldn't be happier as Joe and Gretchen are very best friends and love one another deeply. They'll make a wonderful lifelong team.

The coming months will be busy ones as we plan a wedding! I think they are looking toward having a beach wedding this coming spring, so that should be fun!

Sooo, it has been a busy and momentous week for us! You all will have to help me along in the coming months, as I have never planned a wedding with my child! Sniff!

We are glad to be home after a week of travel. Next time I will share about our week in Panama City, staying with Karol and playing ball every day.  Just had to share the weekend news first! More soon...


Julie said...

Wow, what awesome news, Congratulations to the happy couple, and how wonderful that Joe was so thoughtful in asking you guys and including you in the happy announcement.

Now let me see...we planned a wedding in Texas in 2 days back in 1999....does that help????? Melissa and Jason had planned on getting married in Australia, but while we were in the US and his family were all there too of course, they decided to get married in Galvestion TX instead. We had just two days to buy her dress and arrange everything. We did it, and considering we had never arranged a weding for any of our kids before and we were in a foreign county and didn't know the area at all, it was quite a challenge but a very fun one and it all went really well.

I can tell how very happy you are, and I'm so very thrilled for you. Very big hugs and lots of love. xx

LaCresha said...

How exciting!! Congrats and good luck with all the planning :o) They look so great together!

Pam said...

oh Lynn, I cried! LOVED the way you told it and loved getting to see the YouTube moment. And I loved seeing you. :) Good news brings health to the bones...is that the way it goes? I should have looked it up...or better yet memorized it better...he he :) :) So excited for all of you. xoxo

Doralea' said...

Hi Lynn And Family,
What wonderful news!! They make a great looking couple and sure your grandchildren will be just beautiful!
It was such a romantic idea that Joe had about the proposal and him asking your permission plus inviting you all was such a loving jesture. He will make a great husband and son to you and Bobby.
I have four daughters and helped with three of them getting arrangements made but none of them got married on a beach. One was married in a "western scheme--everyone wore blue jeans,hats or anything western and the wedding took place on the new son's ranch home" Even the minister wore western clothes!! Everything was simple and it saved them alot of money that they used towards a home!! The other two were in churchs but they kept it pretty simple as well to have money for a honeymoon or a home! AM very proud of them all as they realized "the money saved would make other dreams come true faster" --of course I spoke my "2 cents worth" like always and they thought it was perfect ideas! NOW I have two grand daughters in thier 19 and 20 year old ages that are engaged but in "no hurry" as they to --want something differet and economical.
Where are Joes parents located at in Texas as that's where I'm at?!
If I can be of any help please ask and I'll help all I can.
Very happy for you "ALL"

The Bean said...


I just talked to Gretchen on the phone and I am so excited for her and you both! This is going to be so much fun for you guys.

Diane said...

Woweeeeee! That's EXCITING news! Woot! Congratulations to you all! :)

Michelle said...

Congratulations!!!!! I was emotional just watching that video and what is even more amazing is that you were here in Biloxi MS!!!!! Lynn, I wish I would of known we could of gotten together and met. Unfortunately with situations at home I wouldn't of felt comfortable inviting you and your family over, but we could of met somewhere. Just this past weekend we were across from the Beau Rivage for a little outdoor movie gathering. Who knows while that wonderful proposal was going on we were right across the street. I wish I would of known, I would of loved to have met you and your family. =(

Well, I'm so happy for read about this wonderful news. God Bless you and your entire family!!~Michelle

Mary said...

Lynn, that is so beautiful. Wow, all those memories shared by both families and so romantic. What a blessing and a wonderful way for Gretchen to start her married life. I'm so happy for y'all.

I've planned a couple weddings. First Debbie's, and then my own. I would be happy to help if I can. If there is anything you want to know, just write. I'll share what I know.

Love and prayers of praise,


Tera said...

Well, I'll be..!!!! YAY! This is wonderful news! The video brings tears...it is SO sweet. Congratulations, Gretchen and Joe!! Congratulations to your entire family.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...your girls are GORGEOUS!

Thanks for the blog link...I just loved reading that precious post!!

Take good care, friend and enjoy the wedding preparations! God bless.

Tänia said...

WOO HOO! Way to go JOE! I love those occasions in life. The celebration ones! WOW!

What a joy to be a witness to this event in your baby's life!


Thank you so much for stopping in and blessing me with your 'oh so eloquent' words! I always look forward to reading them!


Sue said...

Sniff Sniff... That was sooooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing your special news with all of us, Lynnie, in such a cool way (both words and video).

You must be so excited for your "little girl" all growed up! Can't wait to walk with you through the next few months as you get prepared for the Big Day!

Hugs to you & well wishes to the newly engaged couple!!

Hugs xo