Saturday, July 12, 2008

Softball World Series Time...

Yes, it's that time of year again - the annual USFA (Fastpitch Softball) World Series in Panama City Beach, Florida. Hannah's team is going to the World Series.  Who knows how far they'll get in the quest for 1st place and 2008 World Series Champs, but at least we'll be there!

I'm looking forward to going as I'll be staying with my good friend Karol and I have sure missed her since moving away from Panama City. Some of you may be familiar with Karol as the owner of  Home Sweet Homepage Graphics.  Karol is also in my blog list at Home Sweet Home Inspiration

When I lived in Panama City we used to meet up regularly and make a Starbuck's run, or go browsing at Hobby Lobby, or go for a bike ride at the beach. Those were fun times and it was nice to have a good friend to bounce things off of, to share things with. We listened to each other and encouraged each other so I miss those times getting together.  It'll be NICE to visit again.  Hopefully we can take a few pictures during the week and I can share some here in a few days.

I don't have much to talk about other than the visit ahead, this week... and games, games, games!  It's been raining here and in Panama City, so we could be in for a steamy,hot,  rainy week ahead - I hope not! Later in the week I hope to blog again and share some other interesting news, so stay tuned!


Kimberly said...

Hope your weekend goes well and that you have a great visit with your friend; how nice. Looking forward to seeing pics and hearing how your daughters games go, and also to find out what the interesting news is?? Big hugs!!!!

Nancze said...

Dear Lynn, I was happy to recieve your tuff comment, it is needed. I am going to talk to my doctor who praise God has return from Iraq and see about a change in my depression medicine. These feelings and non-caring have been around much to long. I need help and continue prayers. I hope you have a great visit with Karol, I know how it will bolster you. Also how proud I am of Gretchen. I know a very nice LD/RD from the nursing home and she makes great money and is so knowledgeable. I will get some pictures of my boy soon. He is just adorable but I don't see him as much. You know the Softball hall of Fame is in OKC, lots of big nat. tournaments are played here. Maybe one day you'll get to bring Hannah and her team to play here. If so I'll be there cheering with you all and praising God for the visit. *smiles* You still are my boss, lol.. I really cherish your thoughts and wisdom. Life is so tough for everyone. Though I haven't prayed in awhile my thoughts have always been with you and the PW's. Now I raise you all in prayer again. Love you!

Julie said...

World series for hannah and her team....well done! That is an awesome achievement. I'm so thrilled for you too that you get to go to Panama City Beach in Florida and get some much needed time with Karol. God is so good to organise that, as I know how much that kindred spirit time will mean to you.

Thank you so much for your wonderful, supportive, encouraging words and prayers. You know what it means to pray through the night for your kids and the nights tears soak the pillow before sleep finally comes. I know you get all of that. You're such a sweetie... and your words are always a soothing balm for the soul. Please drop by when you have time a read my'll be encouraged I'm sure.

I'm staying tuned for your other 'interesting news' wondering what that might be. Well, I'll just have to be patient won't I.

You are much loved and a treasure. I'm sure you know that. Love you lots and leaving you warm hugs lil sis. xx

Sue said...

Hi Lynn! Poppin' in to say "hello"! Hope you had a great weekend in Panama City at the "World Series" and visiting with Karol!

Have a fantastic week, Sweetie!

Hugs xo

Diane said...

Oooh...That sounds like FUN! I hope you have a great time at the USFA World Series, and a fun time with Karol. I'm looking forward to your interesting news!

Mary said...

Hmmm? Interesting news? That was sure a tease. I'll be watching and waiting to see what's up next in your household.

What a supportive good mom you are, Lynn. Your kids all benefit from you love and caring. I hope the World Series is fun and fulfilling for all.

I'm praying for good quality time with your friend too. That sounds like a good thing for you to look forward to.

God bless you real good.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,
Well this is three times I have tried to comment on your message--for some reason they are not showing up --this ole-gal must be doing something wrong!
Hope the series was a big success for your daughter's team and you and the family had a wonderful time visiting Karol.
Please take care and let us know "your surprise soon" as we all are interested in you and care about you all

Doralea' said...

Hi Lynn,
You still haven't posted anything in your blog and I'm worried about you and the family. Is everything alright?
Please let us know about the game,your visit with Karol,and the "Big Surprise" you have to share with us!!
Take care and I'm praying for you all