Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Photo Slide Show from Biloxi

I promise I am going to post again - SOON! But I wanted to share these photos from Biloxi, taken the evening of Gretchen and Joe's engagement announcement. 


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Congrats to the love birds!!! He did VERRA well on the surprise! A wedding HOW EXCITING! And even more CAKE! LOL Have fun with tha plans and treasure ever moments!
Mucho love to you! =0)

Karol said...

Soooo sweet! Congrats to everyone. Gretchen will be a beautiful bride.

Mary said...

Wonderful photos, Lynn. It's almost like being there with y'all. How fun that you get to plan a wedding now. Wonderful memories. Beautiful bride. What a prince of a fiance she has.

By the way, I wanted to let you know you're offically tagged. Come see the rules.



Michelle said...

Hiyaa Lynn,

I loved viewing the photos! You ALL are such a BEAUTIFUL Family!!! I'm so happy for you & your daughter.

Please come over and visit my blog any time. I don't have your # since my old cell phone died on me & I'll need your email again since I opened this new acct. Drop me a note @

I'll let you go for now!!
Love & blessings~Michelle

Diane said...

Wow! Love these photos. Made me tear up a little bit. How EXCITING! Something to look forward to. A wedding... Yay!

Nancze said...

Hi girlfriend, what thrilling and exciting news! How sweet of Joe to have done such a well done job of surprising Gretchen. I pray for them, the wedding and agree that they will have a wonderful life together! Yes I remember growing up without a/c and making it fine. Like I said I can tolerate the heat well, just not the humidity. I hope you enjoyed the family pics. Preston will be going to a church preschool this August and Emily is thrilled. He, Maddie and Eli are growing like weeds. I plan to visit more often as I love to catch up on everyone, but it takes so long. I'm not sure I'll post more often. This once a week has been good for me to have something to write about. Love ya girl! Hope Hannah did well during the tournament. Love and ~hugs~

Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness!! Lots has happened since I visited; how wonderful!!! Congrats to the happy couple, what fun that will be planning that wedding!!! Big hugs~

Sue said...

Ahhh... more tears again! I'm such a hopeless romantic - lol

Thanks Lynn for sharing this special time in your family's life with all your girlfriends! So neat to be a little fly on the wall - hee hee

I must say too... your future son-in-law... kudos for a VERY romantic proposal!!

Have fun planning & have a great weekend!!

Hugs xo

Tänia said...

HULLO! I enjoyed your comments very much at my blog. Not just because you agreed, but because you have such a way with words and I love to read anything you write.

Big hugs sweetie!