Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shoving This and That.. Right Down the Throat of America...

....Yet another thing being forced upon us these days. Does anyone else hate these bulbs??  I don't like them, don't currently own any, and may have  Bobby buy cases of regular incandescent bulbs from work to stockpile for our future use, before the mandatory switchover occurs. My sister and I talked about these bulbs recently. Her husband is a doctor and I learned that doctors attribute the occurrence of increased migraines to the use of these bulbs. I can only imagine a country filled with migraine suffering Americans when the law forces us to use these things in a few short years.  I prefer good ole Thomas Edison's light bulb - hasn't it worked well for us, for all these years?? It was crazy to see this video detail the procedures for dealing with breakage of one of these newfangled killer bulbs! God forbid you break one!

I don't like it... not one bit.

(P.S. To Michelle - WHERE can I visit you? I saw your comment on my previous post!)


Pam said...

I'm with ya, Lynn!! I do hate those bulbs. I think we still use one or two because it's hard to throw something away that you bought and that works. LOL ;) But I let Jack know right from the beginning that I hated them. That was one area I found hard to be submissive...he he. And who knew back then we were supposed to dispose of them a certain way?? At least I never did. I know we broke some in the kids' rooms and didn't do anything but just clean them up. Cringe. I'll stock pile too...or just use candles if I have to! :) Of course I'm really hoping, with the way things are these days (and this election), that we just plain won't be here when it's mandatory. I don't relish a United States like that. :(

Okay, mostly just wanted to say hello...thinking of you! xoxo

Kimberly said...

Oh I didn't know about all those things; I think we have one of those, I had no idea and I didn't know they were saying it was going to be mandatory (that's not good). What is this world coming to??? It's pretty awful.

Sue said...

Hey Lynn!! Thanks for popping in to see me. I lost all my contacts when I changed my graphics while trying to update my template.

I hate those "new" bulbs too btw. I have never bought one. I wonder if Canada will have a mandatory switchover. Listening to this video makes me scared if we do have to switchover. I may be going back to candle use I think - hee hee.

Hope you're doing well and having a GREAT week!

Hugs xo

Mary said...

Are those the curly ones? Like a pigs tail sort of? When Dan found out how ecenomical there were he exchanged every bulb in the house with the new ones. Yikes! I had no idea they were unsafe! Are they unsafe? I thought it was good to save all that money.

I guess I'm out of it. :0/

Michelle said...

Hi Lynn,

Thought I'd stop by to see if you posted anything new. I didn't realize that those energy saving bulbs were harmful...and I use them!! I thought I was doing a good thing converting over. It is a shame that things we to to try and help us and save money instead hurts us. Now I'm going to be paranoid on what to do with one if I break it. What a pain!

You can visit me at www.geocities.com/whimsicallyprimitive

You won't believe it but our lives here is changing....my husband wants a divorce!!

I'll catch up with you later.

God bless & hugs~Michelle

Two Sisters from the Right said...

I agree with you completely on those bulbs. Another disadvantage: they contain mercury, which can be a serious hazard if you drop the bulb and break it. I read that if the mercury is exposed, you MUST immediately leave your home for 15 minutes before re-entering. What if you have children? What if it's in the middle of winter? By the time you bundle up the kids, the damage would be done. WHY would the government expose us to such a risk? You would not believe the trouble I went through to find a safe place to hide the bulbs when I finally caved in and bought them. ((Sigh)) I hope this is not an example of the "change" we can look forward to.

Great blog, Lynn!! I love your pics!!


The Bean said...


I've been a bit behind on blogs lately so I just read your previous post. Thank you very much. I feel like you are my second mama having been so close to you guys for so many years. Gretchen and I even went through the kind of love/hate relationships that real sisters go through and as I have no biological sisters it was nice for me to have that. I miss you guys so much.

PS I hate those bulbs too and will not be switching over if I can help it!