Monday, June 02, 2008

Ball, Ball, Ball... we're ballin' 2008

Ooooh, what a weekend! I am TIRED! It may take me a couple of days to recover! All day Friday I washed, packed and prepared things here, for us to be gone the weekend. We were in Panama City Beach for the Fastpitch in Paradise softball tournament. Not having the money to stay in a hotel right now (very pricey at the beach) it was decided we should all stay in the camper that Bobby and Zach stay in through the week. So Friday night I loaded the car down with filled cooler, dog crate, bat/equipment bag, several bags of clothes, towels etc.that we would need to make it through the weekend. And at about 7:00 PM we (Lynn, girl and dog!) headed for Florida. Hannah road on down ahead of us with a teammate and stayed with that family in a condo (lucky Hannah!)

When we got there we found the camper in shambles - not at all like it was the last time I saw it, after a good cleaning after Bobby purchased it. Several months of two males living in it, and it is NOT the same camper, sadly. Of course they blame each other for the condition it has sunk to. I was so NOT THRILLED about having to live there for a couple of days! I'll spare the details here. Three words will suffice - DIRTY and CROWDED and SLEEPLESS. Thankfully, most of our time was spent at the ball fields and not in the camper, or it could have gotten ugly!

Hannah's team won their games all day on Saturday but fell into the loser's bracket on Sunday, which meant you play game after game with no break, clawing your way back up into a position to be in the championship game. The championship game was at 4:40 and and we got put out around 3, so we did pretty well for our first tournament this season. So far Hannah has been guest playing with another team - this is her team's first weekend out. So not a bad showing but there is work to be done and room for improvement.

Hannah came home pretty beat up. She got hit several times through the weekend. She has a lump on her arm, a lump/bruise on her chest, and the worst of the injuries - a lump on her lower shin which caused bruising and swelling down the leg, across the ankles and the foot. It seems unusual that the ankle/foot is all swelled and purple when the leg took the hit?  Hmm, well we iced it down last night and will do the same through the day today, and hopefully it will heal quick because we play again this coming weekend!There is not much time for recovery. 




I hope you didn't miss "batgirl's" picture at the top of the post and in the dugout shot! : ) It's GOOD to be back at home! Katelyn's team has their first play-off game tonight at 7:30 so there is no break from softball, but at least we are at home sweet home!

I'm off for a shower and going for a haircut. Need a few groceries and then I plan an afternoon of REST before an evening of being back at the ball field. Hope everyone has a good day. If I can wrestle this computer away from Hannah and Katelyn, later on (waah, I MISS my computer!) I'll try to visit some of you!


Kimberly said...

Great photos!!!! I'm sure you had a great time!

The Bean said...

Congrats on doing so well at the tournament. You should check out my latest post. Read the whole thing through and you will like it. My fellow McCain supporter and Republican!

Mary said...

I enjoyed seeing the photos of your kids, Lynn. They look like they're playing their hearts out. You must be so proud and you seem so supportive. What a good mom.

Love Ya!

monileigh said...

Hiya Hon! Just passin through! Thiking of you!