Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Universal Healthcare?

I'm coming to you again this morning, via the kids computer. How frustrating! I'll be researching the cost of a replacement hard drive for my computer and considering whether it would be best to replace that hard drive, or replace the whole computer. I just don't know if the computer is sound aside from the hard drive failure. Hmm...

Are any of you familiar with Dr. Douglass who writes The Douglass Report? He's a bit 'radical' and often goes against the flow of the 'medical establishment' but I like him a lot!  His email - The Daily Dose (of the Douglass Report) is always interesting, educational and thought provoking.

Today's email Daily Dose was very interesting.  It deals with the ramifications of  endorsing the Universal Healthcare for America. As you know, both democratic candidates Clinton and Obama support implementing Universal Healthcare while republican candidate John McCain is opposed to implementing Universal Healthcare. You can read Dr. Douglass's assessment of this program by clicking "Straight Talk About Universal Healthcare."

Well I'm off to research hard drives now! UGH!


Becky said...

Hi Lynn! I found you again! So, you are back in AL? I will be back to visit.

Becky Perry

Julie said...

I just wanted to drop by, leave you a hug and wish you a wonderful Mother's day for Sunday. Thank you for your wise words to stash as many memories as I can in my heart...I certainly am and I certainly will. You're a treasure, did you know that?????? xx

Tänia said...

Wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to you sweetie and thank you for your prayers and concern.

I read this report and sent it to my mom... thank you for sharing!

Mary said...

Hi Lynn,

I'll admit our country has a problem with health care. I just don't know if I believe a universal health care plan would be right for us.

I've just gone on MideCare with AARP as a supplimental. I'm looking forward to not having to pay cash for my medical bills which I have done since Klaus lost his job long ago. I signed on with an insurance alternative, MediShare, after Klaus died and it paid very little and yet I paid into it at the rate of $300.00 a month faithfully every month. They made money on me. However, a similar alternative, Christian Brotherhood, covered every penny of Klaus' expenses when he had cancer. He got the best of care. I don't know what would have happened if I had gotten sick or was in dire need for medical help during the time I was waiting for MediCare to kick in. I might have lost everything.

Anyhoo, I wish you the happiest of Mother's Days! I hope you have fun with your family on Sunday.

Love, Mary