Sunday, May 25, 2008






Sorry to have been absent for the week - it's HARD not having my computer with my things on it. Sigh.  Thursday afternoon Gretchen came down. It was her first time to see the house and she loved it! She was so proud for us to finally have a nice little home. Us girls spent time together eating, visiting, and running around town. 


Katelyn graduated from elementary school on Wednesday morning. It was not required that she return to school for the duration of the year, which is another week. BUT she wanted to go because she enjoys her teacher and she knew several friends would be returning at least through Friday.  Well about 9:15 Thursday morning  (while I was cleaning and anticipating Gretchen's arrival by lunch time) the school called and told me a [bratty] boy had thrown a rock at her out on the playground and it had cut a deep gash in her forehead. They told me I needed to come and get her, that she would need a couple of stitches. UGH! So I went and got her. Sure enough, it was busted open right at her hairline and it had a goose-egg of a lump as well as the bleeding gash. UGH! Poor sweet girl. I felt so bad for her since she didn't even have to go to school - she WANTED to.

Well I brought her home and cleaned her up and decided since I just got the ER back in Panama City paid off for her trip there several months ago - I just could not go to the ER here and run up another 1500 dollars for this.  I looked at it carefully and decided I could clean this up good and pull the skin together and use butterfly bandages. It worked like a charm! It bled a bit through the day, oozing mostly. But she was fine and even decided she wanted me to take her back up to the school so she could spend the last day with one of her favorite friends who would not be back after that day. 


Soooo... her little knot-head is healing well! And us girls enjoyed the afternoon and evening and then on Friday afternoon Gretchen took Katelyn back to Tuscaloosa with her. She had gotten Hannah for a weekend, several months ago and Katelyn had been wanting her time with Gretchen! So they headed out about 2:30 Friday afternoon with plans all set for their weekend together!  : )  About an hour and 45 min. later I took Hannah to meet up with some girls (and daddy/coach) that she had been invited to guest-play for in a softball tournament this weekend, in Tallahassee, FL.

Can you believe it?? I had ONE glorious evening to myself! I didn't do anything but watch tv and eat nachos! LOL!  About midnight Bobby and Zach arrived for the weekend after Zach got off of work at 10:00. But today I am back down to just me and Zach - Bobby went on north, to Selma to work this weekend. Sunday evening the girls will both be back home, Bobby will be back, and things will be back to normal!  Hannah will have to go to school through Thursday noon - then our summer vacation officially begins!


Have a great weekend everyone!


Julie said...

How wonderful for you to have some mother/daughter time with your beautiful girls. I know how precious those times can be. Awww poor Katelyn, and good on you for playing nurse getting her all fixed up. I know my son-in-law said they even use Super Glue to close small wounds rather than stitches, although I guess it must be surgical grade glue, but better than sutures for kids. Better still when those butterfly strips do the trick.

Enjoy the rest of your extended weekend.

Warm huggles. xx

Kimberly said...

Oh poor Katelyn, looks like you doctored her up well. Sounds like you have been having a great weekend, great family time. We had a great weekend as well. I will be posting soon all about it.

Denise said...

Oh my gosh, that's awful that Katelyn actually got a hit from someone else! at least Kristen's head bang was self inflicted, I would have been so mad to think someone did this to my baby! So glad she didn't have to have the stitches though. You're a good Mama :-) I'm sure she appreciated your first aid rather than a hospital visit. Hope you all have a relaxing and safe Memorial Day.

Diane said... and your girls are beee-auuuu-tiful! By the way, an evening by yourself eating nachos and watching tv? Sounds like HEAVEN to meeeee!

The Bean said...

I am so glad I finally found your blog!

The grandparents are doing great and soooooo excited!!!! They see the babies probably every 3 days or so. You know mom, if she can be there, she will be. We are all doing great. I am 18 weeks now and holding steady. No early arrivals anticipated here! I was so glad to see pictures of the girls. I can't believe how much Hannah and Katelyn have grown. It was great to see Gretchen doing so well too!

You guys should definitely come to St. Louis and see us some time. Before we jet off to some other international destination for a few years! :)

All my love!

Julie said...

So is Katelyn healing up nicely from her war injury? My, your girls looks so much like you. I guess you get told that a lot. How are things going with your son? I hope he's doing better as I know you have been concerned. I've been praying for him. So what's been happening in your neck of the woods this week?

You're a great encourager...did you know that? I see your comments on other blogs and it always warms my heart so see how you encourage people. The Lord will bless you for that.

Luv ya girl! xx

Mary said...

I can only echo all the comments from above, Lynn. Happy you have this precious time with your daughters. This time together is SO rare and precious. I miss my kids being all together so much. You are blessed. You're all looking lovely. I can see Katelyn is a chip off the ole block. Your wedding photos were wonderful to see. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Love, Mary

Pam said...

Anniversary buddy!! :) Popping in really quick with a warm hello and a tight hug. Hope you check mail today and receive this as I think of you so often and the notes you leave for me always always brighten my day. :) I loved finding out new ways we are alike. :) In some ways, like the bladder situation, that helps! lol Just to know someone else KNOWS. I hope your computer situation is seeing some headway...and your photos are especially wonderful. !! take special care you, pam

Tera said...

LOVE love LOVE the photos of your girls!!! I cannot believe how much they are growing up. Katelyn doesn't have a baby face any longer. *sigh* I hope that she has healed up nicely...the poor dear.

I love all of the ball pics too. You must have a great camera...action shots with no blur!! Either that, or you are simply a fantastic photographer. It's probably the latter, of course! :D Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend, friend!! God bless.