Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Feeling Out of Sorts Today...

... don't really know why. For one thing, my allergies are bothering me. My sinuses are aching which makes the roots of my teeth ache as well. Medicating brings partial relief but also induces some unwanted drowsiness. So I feel BLAH. Since moving back to Alabama, my allergies have kicked up into high gear again. They definitely did better in Florida.

And... I miss my computer. Yesterday I went to Best Buy and spoke with the Geek Squad there. It doesn't look like it will be feasible to replace my dead hard drive. By the time I spend a couple of hundred replacing it, and pay them a couple of hundred more to install and reload all the operating system and programs AND run diagnostics to make sure nothing else is wrong that caused the hard drive to fail... (I suspect there is something else because of the behavior of the computer a couple of weeks before the hard drive actually failed)... I may as well buy a new computer anyway.  Regardless, I don't have the extra money to do either.. so I will be without my computer indefinitely. This is really a BIG BUMMER.

Something else I didn't realize when I lost my computer - I lost the ability to get the pictures off of my camera. My camera uses a memory stick pro and my computer had slots of various sizes where you could insert memory media. The 'family' computer I am on now does not have any media slots. I don't have a cord for retrieving the pictures off of the camera either - because it was not needed. The camera did not come with a cord. UGH. So... I have pictures which remain in my camera, and I have a bare picture-less blog these days.

... and I'm just feeling quite out of sorts.



Diane said...

Awwww man...that IS a bummer. :( I'm sorry. But even with a 'bare picture-less blog' it's still fun to come and visit you! I hope things look UP soon! Take care.

Anonymous said...

what does the part of the camera look like where the cord goes? I may have an extra cord and if it is compatible to yours you can have it :-) It will be a temporary fix to the gloomies of not having your computer but at least you can still have pictures!

miss you

Pam said...

oh's no fun when you're feeling out of sorts. I've felt like that so much lately. And allergies...scream! We've been so bad lately...headaches and dizziness... Okay, well, I am hoping I can come to your rescue...though...your memory stick pro makes it sound a little doubtful?? Not sure what size that is...but...I sometimes use what I think is called a card reader or a Compact Flash reader. (You stick your camera card into it and this little handheld reader has a USB thing on the end of it. So you just stick it into the USB port of any computer. Then you'll find your photos in a folder just like you do with a flash drive.) I hope something works for you. I also hope you feel better soon... Thank you for the warm weather wishes. ;) It is sunny here today, but still chilly! I have the wood fire going behind me and Sam has the door open...we just can't stand not to feel that fresh air, even so. Have been thinking of you.... xoxo

Kimberly said...

I'm so sorry about your computer whoas; that's so frustrating. I well understand the sinus issues; I have many of them, and I do have the teeth problem; mine are doing that as well. If I didn't know better I would think my teeth were rotting out of my head, but I actually have very good teeth; but very bad sinuses. I have honey suckle blooming all the way around my house; very pretty, but very difficult for one like me. Indiana is a very bad place for allergies, but I must endure. The teeth pain is very annoying, and painful. So sorry.

Mary said...

I had no idea allergies could make your teeth hurt. I'm sorry to hear that. They only make me cough. I guess I should count my blessings. Cough, cough. :)

I called Mikey last night to see if he had any spare computers hanging around. Some times he does, but not this time.

He DID say, however, that you could buy an new hard drive for $50.00, install it yourself. It's not hard, I know...I did it myself once. They come with instructions. Then you could run a recovery CD and be on your way again. I did that LOTS of times before Vista came along. It does mean having to reload all of your programs and stuff, but you'll have to do that regardless. That's just part of computing.

I hope this helps, Lynn. I miss you too when you're not around to blog.



Julie said...

So it's sucky Thursday then. I'm so sorry.

Just letting you know that Blogger have locked my blog. Their auto system tagged my blog as a potential spamming blog because of the links to all my blogging buddies.Now it has to be looked at by a 'real' person to determine if my blog is real! That can take 4 days. Just wanted to let you know what was happening. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Love, Julie.

Kacy said...

HI gurl. I am so sorry about your puter. I have been in your place and almost lost my entire hard drive. A neighbor knew how to hook up the harddrive to his puter and retrieve it carefully. Thank goodness. Sure makes us realize just how much we use these machines and depend on them for various things. I hope it will all work out with you and you can get a new puter someday! Love you and was thinking of you hun!