Monday, May 19, 2008

29 Years... 11 Years... Time Marches On


This is a silly picture from our wedding reception, taken 29 years ago today. A LOT of water has 'flowed under the bridge' since this picture was taken... So many struggles and trials and joys and happy events and heartbreaking events - LIFE has been lived with all its' good and bad. And here we are, hanging in there. "Thus far, the Lord has helped us."

No, we don't have any special plans. In fact, Bobby is in Panama City and we are here. So we won't even have dinner together! It's ok though. We've long since passed the point of feeling we must buy presents and steak dinners on May 19th!

Friday we celebrated yet another birthday in our house! With 7 folks in the family, it seems it's always somebody's birthday!  Four of our five kids have birthdays within about a 6 week period of time - from March 29th through May 16th. Every spring we stay broke! Zach's birthday is the only one out of this loop - his is in January!

Friday it was Katelyn's turn to eat cupcakes! My baby turned 11 years old!  Here's a picture taken about an hour after she was born! Oh yeh.. now I remember what color my hair USED to be - before this kid came into my life! LOL!

Friday afternoon she and I went to the Mexican restaurant and ate an early supper, then headed to the movie theater to see the opening of "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian." She was SO EXCITED that the movie opened on her birthday! She has anticipated seeing this movie for months now!


It did not disappoint her! She LOVED it!  It was a good movie and Narnia fans will love it, though I did notice that Aslan had been reduced in his role as the hero. How sad as in the books, Aslan is always the hero!

But Katelyn loved it and we enjoyed our evening at the movies! After we got home we talked for hours about the movie, scene by scene!

Saturday she woke up wanting to go shopping (have birthday money - lets spend!) : ) So she dragged me around town all day long and we shopped til we dropped. How long can 50 dollars last anyway!?  But it was fun! We had a nice weekend, us girls.

Unfortunately, Katelyn woke up about 4 a.m. this morning with the throw-ups.  UGH!!  It's been awhile since we had to deal with that, and the first time we've had to deal with it in the new house (the CARPETED new house!) Thank the Lord she made it to the bathroom, though not totally over the toilet.  That's ok - cleaning tile is preferable to cleaning carpet ANY DAY! So she is at home from school with the tummy aching and a headache at the moment. We apparently have a virus in the house. Poor kid.

Just a note about the computer situation since several have offered help and advice. I am looking into the replacement of the hard drive IF that is the only problem and not the result of another problem.  There is a wide variation in prices on hard drives so I am getting educated on exactly what I need to replace mine with. Price will dictate if that happens! I'll keep ya'll posted as I am able.  Have a good day everyone!


Diane said...

Happy Anniversary, Lynn! Wow - 29 years. Good for you guys! And happy birthday to Katelyn! We also can't wait to see the new Narnia movie. Maybe this weekend. :) Sorry 'bout the throw-up bug. UGH. That one seems to be going around here at school, too. I'm hoping it stays AWAY from US! (and the rest of you!) Take care!

Kimberly said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!!!! Also happy birthday to your sweet girl!!! We want to see that movie as well!!! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

thought of you today as jeffrey and i celebrated our 17th anniversary :-)

miss you TONS!


Denise said...

Happy Anniversary :) and happy birthday to Katelyn. Sorry to hear she's sick now though, hope it's just a 24 hour thing and she's better soon. Sending big hugs to you all.

Mary said...

Happy Anniversary from me toooo! Happy Birthday Katelyn! Time is flying by so fast. How can it be she's 11 already. Soon a young woman. My my.

Dan and I saw Narnia Price Caspian on Monday. I liked it even better than the Lion, the Witch and the Wordrobe. Mikey was the big Narnia fan when my kids were young. But, I haven't read the trilogy so I don't have anything to compare the movie to. I just know I really liked this one.

Here's hoping your computer situation is solved soon, Lynn. It's no fun blogging without you.

Hugs, Mary

PS You both looked so handsome and pretty in your wedding photo. It was fun to see it. Thanks for showing us.

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. The vintage of your wedding pics is looking very familiar... we've been married 30 years and our groomsmen wore those 'lovely' blue suits too. Where do all those years fly to?

How special that you could have a mother/daughter birthday for Katelyn. I'm so pleased she enjoyed her birthday so much.

Have a great weekend. xx

Diane said...

Ooops. My second comment disappeared! I wanted to let you know that I answered your bee question on my blog. :)