Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy, But Here...

This is just a very brief post to say I am still alive! This has been a busy week and it's leading into a busy weekend at a softball tournament out of town.  The girls wrapped up their school year yesterday. We then had some hitting practice in the afternoon, and then regular practice followed by a team party for Katelyn's team which I will have to share more about later as I have time. It was a great time and there are pictures! : )

I have a lot to do today to get us ready to drive down to Panama City tonight for the tournament which begins at 7:45 in the morning. I will try to to get back on later, in between tasks and running errands. If I don't, I do want to say one thing - THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU - those who commented on the previous entry. I've been struggling with some inner turmoils and your messages just seemed to be a warm blanket around my heart. I didn't know, but I really needed the encouragement that seemed to come in those messages. More later! But thank you, dear friends!

Sunday, May 25, 2008






Sorry to have been absent for the week - it's HARD not having my computer with my things on it. Sigh.  Thursday afternoon Gretchen came down. It was her first time to see the house and she loved it! She was so proud for us to finally have a nice little home. Us girls spent time together eating, visiting, and running around town. 


Katelyn graduated from elementary school on Wednesday morning. It was not required that she return to school for the duration of the year, which is another week. BUT she wanted to go because she enjoys her teacher and she knew several friends would be returning at least through Friday.  Well about 9:15 Thursday morning  (while I was cleaning and anticipating Gretchen's arrival by lunch time) the school called and told me a [bratty] boy had thrown a rock at her out on the playground and it had cut a deep gash in her forehead. They told me I needed to come and get her, that she would need a couple of stitches. UGH! So I went and got her. Sure enough, it was busted open right at her hairline and it had a goose-egg of a lump as well as the bleeding gash. UGH! Poor sweet girl. I felt so bad for her since she didn't even have to go to school - she WANTED to.

Well I brought her home and cleaned her up and decided since I just got the ER back in Panama City paid off for her trip there several months ago - I just could not go to the ER here and run up another 1500 dollars for this.  I looked at it carefully and decided I could clean this up good and pull the skin together and use butterfly bandages. It worked like a charm! It bled a bit through the day, oozing mostly. But she was fine and even decided she wanted me to take her back up to the school so she could spend the last day with one of her favorite friends who would not be back after that day. 


Soooo... her little knot-head is healing well! And us girls enjoyed the afternoon and evening and then on Friday afternoon Gretchen took Katelyn back to Tuscaloosa with her. She had gotten Hannah for a weekend, several months ago and Katelyn had been wanting her time with Gretchen! So they headed out about 2:30 Friday afternoon with plans all set for their weekend together!  : )  About an hour and 45 min. later I took Hannah to meet up with some girls (and daddy/coach) that she had been invited to guest-play for in a softball tournament this weekend, in Tallahassee, FL.

Can you believe it?? I had ONE glorious evening to myself! I didn't do anything but watch tv and eat nachos! LOL!  About midnight Bobby and Zach arrived for the weekend after Zach got off of work at 10:00. But today I am back down to just me and Zach - Bobby went on north, to Selma to work this weekend. Sunday evening the girls will both be back home, Bobby will be back, and things will be back to normal!  Hannah will have to go to school through Thursday noon - then our summer vacation officially begins!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, May 19, 2008

29 Years... 11 Years... Time Marches On


This is a silly picture from our wedding reception, taken 29 years ago today. A LOT of water has 'flowed under the bridge' since this picture was taken... So many struggles and trials and joys and happy events and heartbreaking events - LIFE has been lived with all its' good and bad. And here we are, hanging in there. "Thus far, the Lord has helped us."

No, we don't have any special plans. In fact, Bobby is in Panama City and we are here. So we won't even have dinner together! It's ok though. We've long since passed the point of feeling we must buy presents and steak dinners on May 19th!

Friday we celebrated yet another birthday in our house! With 7 folks in the family, it seems it's always somebody's birthday!  Four of our five kids have birthdays within about a 6 week period of time - from March 29th through May 16th. Every spring we stay broke! Zach's birthday is the only one out of this loop - his is in January!

Friday it was Katelyn's turn to eat cupcakes! My baby turned 11 years old!  Here's a picture taken about an hour after she was born! Oh yeh.. now I remember what color my hair USED to be - before this kid came into my life! LOL!

Friday afternoon she and I went to the Mexican restaurant and ate an early supper, then headed to the movie theater to see the opening of "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian." She was SO EXCITED that the movie opened on her birthday! She has anticipated seeing this movie for months now!


It did not disappoint her! She LOVED it!  It was a good movie and Narnia fans will love it, though I did notice that Aslan had been reduced in his role as the hero. How sad as in the books, Aslan is always the hero!

But Katelyn loved it and we enjoyed our evening at the movies! After we got home we talked for hours about the movie, scene by scene!

Saturday she woke up wanting to go shopping (have birthday money - lets spend!) : ) So she dragged me around town all day long and we shopped til we dropped. How long can 50 dollars last anyway!?  But it was fun! We had a nice weekend, us girls.

Unfortunately, Katelyn woke up about 4 a.m. this morning with the throw-ups.  UGH!!  It's been awhile since we had to deal with that, and the first time we've had to deal with it in the new house (the CARPETED new house!) Thank the Lord she made it to the bathroom, though not totally over the toilet.  That's ok - cleaning tile is preferable to cleaning carpet ANY DAY! So she is at home from school with the tummy aching and a headache at the moment. We apparently have a virus in the house. Poor kid.

Just a note about the computer situation since several have offered help and advice. I am looking into the replacement of the hard drive IF that is the only problem and not the result of another problem.  There is a wide variation in prices on hard drives so I am getting educated on exactly what I need to replace mine with. Price will dictate if that happens! I'll keep ya'll posted as I am able.  Have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Feeling Out of Sorts Today...

... don't really know why. For one thing, my allergies are bothering me. My sinuses are aching which makes the roots of my teeth ache as well. Medicating brings partial relief but also induces some unwanted drowsiness. So I feel BLAH. Since moving back to Alabama, my allergies have kicked up into high gear again. They definitely did better in Florida.

And... I miss my computer. Yesterday I went to Best Buy and spoke with the Geek Squad there. It doesn't look like it will be feasible to replace my dead hard drive. By the time I spend a couple of hundred replacing it, and pay them a couple of hundred more to install and reload all the operating system and programs AND run diagnostics to make sure nothing else is wrong that caused the hard drive to fail... (I suspect there is something else because of the behavior of the computer a couple of weeks before the hard drive actually failed)... I may as well buy a new computer anyway.  Regardless, I don't have the extra money to do either.. so I will be without my computer indefinitely. This is really a BIG BUMMER.

Something else I didn't realize when I lost my computer - I lost the ability to get the pictures off of my camera. My camera uses a memory stick pro and my computer had slots of various sizes where you could insert memory media. The 'family' computer I am on now does not have any media slots. I don't have a cord for retrieving the pictures off of the camera either - because it was not needed. The camera did not come with a cord. UGH. So... I have pictures which remain in my camera, and I have a bare picture-less blog these days.

... and I'm just feeling quite out of sorts.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day...

Mother's Day was nice here. The weather was warm and windy! My younger kids who are still at home got me a nice Wolfgang Puck knife set that I had been eyeing for several months now. puckknives

One day when I was in Sam's Club a while back, I was on the row where the knives were displayed and two ladies walked up and started talking about the knives. They both highly recommended the set so I came home and told Bobby about them. I just never seemed to have the extra money to get the set, though I continued to look at them every time I went to Sam's! Well, they remembered and bought the knives for me for Mother's Day. I haven't used them yet, but they are very sharp - I know that!

My Gretchen sent me a card with a gift certificate to get an hour massage at Westwood Day Spa. That'll be a nice treat! The sentiments expressed in the card were so special though - long after the massage is history, I'll be cherishing the card. Katelyn drew me a pretty card and everyone at home signed and wrote messages in it, so that will be cherished as well.  Nathan called me to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. All in all, it was a pretty good day. thumbs_up

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just a Moment on Here to Say...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of my friends who are moms and to all of my friends who lovingly 'mother' other children who need that extra special loving, whether they be nieces and nephews, neighbors, Sunday School students - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all who love and give their time and attention to nurture the next generation!

See you all next week.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Universal Healthcare?

I'm coming to you again this morning, via the kids computer. How frustrating! I'll be researching the cost of a replacement hard drive for my computer and considering whether it would be best to replace that hard drive, or replace the whole computer. I just don't know if the computer is sound aside from the hard drive failure. Hmm...

Are any of you familiar with Dr. Douglass who writes The Douglass Report? He's a bit 'radical' and often goes against the flow of the 'medical establishment' but I like him a lot!  His email - The Daily Dose (of the Douglass Report) is always interesting, educational and thought provoking.

Today's email Daily Dose was very interesting.  It deals with the ramifications of  endorsing the Universal Healthcare for America. As you know, both democratic candidates Clinton and Obama support implementing Universal Healthcare while republican candidate John McCain is opposed to implementing Universal Healthcare. You can read Dr. Douglass's assessment of this program by clicking "Straight Talk About Universal Healthcare."

Well I'm off to research hard drives now! UGH!

Monday, May 05, 2008

When it Rains it Pours...

I may be rather sporadic in posting here for a bit. Over the weekend my hard drive bit the dust. I had about a ten minute warning that "hard drive failure was imminent - back up files immediately." I tried to...  smile_sad

You always hear about such things happening - the "blue/black screen of death"...but it's never happened to me, to my computer. Never had a hard drive actually fail. It was pretty dramatic... and sad... especially since the computer is only a year and 3 months old... just out of warranty, of course. I am presently using the" kids computer" which has none of my files on it, so I feel very much at a disadvantage trying to use this one. 

I don't know when things will get back to normal. I'll be investigating the cost of replacement hard drives for my computer, but I have to wonder if other things are also wrong with it. I surely can't afford another computer right now.

We had some other issues crop up in addition to the computer's death which put us under a great deal of financial stress. I think it's safe to say that this day has been a total bummer.

I'll be back on as I am able.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Do any of you have issues with health insurance and not being able to choose health care providers based on their skills and personalities that you get along with? I am feeling so aggravated because in January we received new insurance through Bobby's work. I am finding out that we are so restricted in who we can choose as our dentist since moving. And we are restricted in our choice of doctors as well. It is doing me no good to speak to people in our new community and get their recommendations for good health care providers, only to find out they are not on our list so if we use them, this insurance won't pay!

Before we left Panama City back in January, Hannah, Katelyn and myself had our teeth cleaned. It was time for our cleanings and we went on, expecting the newly acquired insurance to cover it. Always in the past, any dental insurance we've ever had, has covered all preventative care such as cleanings, regardless of whether the dentist used was in our network or not. Cleanings were always paid at %100 because they would rather pay for preventative care than to pay for more expensive repair work. Now if any further work was needed and we used a dentist out of network, he would be paid less than if we used an in-network dentist. We would be responsible for more out of pocket money. But I found out last week, three months after those cleanings, that the insurance will not pay for them at all!  WHAT?? And I cannot seem to get through the maze of automated menus to speak to a human being on the phone, to appeal my case!! I am getting spittin' mad over this! GRRRR!

What do you do when you cannot speak to a human being on the phone?? I owe the dentist a couple of hundred dollars now and I don't have it! We never would have had the cleanings if I had known this up front. I just never dreamed they would not pay them - never heard of such!

Speaking of automated menus on the phone, I'm totally aggravated with the bank our car is financed through as well. It is located in North Carolina, and I cannot reach a human being on the phone to get a copy of my car title so I can get an Alabama car tag!! Grrrr!!! I reached a person ONE time back in February, by punching in something very unrelated to what I was calling about - and they told me they didn't have a copy of my title!?  HUH!?  I said "well you financed the car - you have to have the title until it's paid off, and then you mail it to me, releasing me from the lien!!"  She said actually, the state of Florida has the title and she must contact them to see about getting it and it will take some time - a few days, she said. I NEVER in my life heard of such!!  So that conversation took place back in February, and here it is now May!! I NEVER heard from that bank again, and have yet to receive a copy of the title - and have yet to get an Alabama tag! And I cannot remember HOW I worked my way through the phone menu maze back in February, to finally reach a human!

This is all so aggravating!!  Grrrrr......