Tuesday, April 01, 2008


This afternoon I went outside and shot several photos of my little flower bed. Can you tell we are all so entralled with this beautiful little splash of color that greets us at the front door!? Have I mentioned that it's FUN having your own home where you can decorate inside and out - to your heart's content (or til the cash runs out!?) : )

Every time I walk past these flowers, I smile. Something about them brings a little cheer to my heart. They stand so tall and proud and colorful - brilliantly colorful! I planted several Gerbera Daisies in the midst of a bed of bright red Salvia.

Today I want to share a bit of this cheer with you. Maybe you have huge, immaculate, dazzling, well planned beds all around your grounds. If so, INDULGE me a little! : ) I know this isn't much but it's a start! A nice little cheery start...

The daisies are SO cheerful! And then there's the salvia - it's small right now. The plants are young now, but they will grow and FILL this little bed with their brilliant red color. To the right of our front door was a nice bed of beautiful Mexican Heather. The cold weather got it but a worker at a local garden center told me to cut it back to the ground and it would very likely come back again. So this past week I did that and within 24 hours every brown clump was sending out fresh green shoots with tiny new leaves. I hope it grows fast as it looks rather bare and ugly right now. When we first looked at this house that bed of heather looked so beautiful. If it doesn't come back as pretty, I'll pull it up and replant.

Well, it's time for me to get Katelyn rustled off to bed. One last picture... Casey beagle says come back again soon! : )


Karol said...

Hey Lynn! yes, great minds do think alike, huh!? Your flowers are beautiful. The red is very cheery and inviting. I can tell you are loving your new home and settling in just fine. Please do plan to visit this Summer, ok?! You are welcome here anytime. Starbucks is just not the same without my buddy. Love, -Karol

Julie said...

Awww....so you're having unexpected blessings of the floral variety, how cool is that! God's handiwork right by your door, now that is special. That's a great spot too. You'll have your yard a mass of color...and maybe even a veggie patch??? That can be rewarding too, especially for your kids to get involved. We did that with our kids and they loved watching things grow and mature, and enjoyed eating their own produce. They were actually better at it than their mum. I don't have a green thumb unfortunately. I once tenderly looked after what I thought was a plant in our garden when we were newly married and had just bought our first home. I watered it and cared for it, and it wasn't until the thing was 6' high that my mum enlightened me to the fact that I was cultivating a weed called "Stinking Roger" right near our front door!

How cute is your pooch looking out his own little window at cha. ;)

Have a great day. xx

Two Sisters from the Right said...

Hi, Lynn! I didn't know you had a "blogspot". This looks GREAT! I sure would enjoy doing something like what you and Karol have done instead of the political blog, but the "other sister" would never forgive me. Your new home looks absolutely lovely. I'll be back to visit often.

Love ya!


Diane said...

I am sooo excited that you're blogging again. I admit, I used to 'lurk' for years when you blogged before. Every once in a while I'd check back to see if you were back. And NOW, through a comment link from Mary, I see you ARE back! Yay! I have always admired that way you write.
I love your new house. It looks so cute. That last picture with your little dog peering out the window - ha! So cute.
Anyway, I'd love to link you at my blog if that's ok. You mentioned at Mary's that you'd like to keep your blog intimate right now. So if you'd rather I didn't link, I'd understand completely. But hopefully you wouldn't mind me checking in with you from time to time!
Have a great day!

Mary said...

Awwww, look at Casey peeking out the window. SO cute. Goodness the girls have grown up so fast. Where does the time go? They're all beautiful kids, Lynn.

It's so nice to get caught up. Your house is wonderful. Congratulations. What a blessing.

OK, I'm going back to read some more.

Love, Mary

Tera said...

Okay, I just have to say...

I LOVE that you have your OWN HOUSE after soooo many years!! Your excitement is tangible and I LOVE IT!

I LOVE your flowerbed. Yes, one of the best things about homeownership is the decorating, planting, etc. (it is also tough because my ideas often far exceed what my pocketbook can handle...LOL).

I hope that what happened this past weekend wasn't too stressful. :( Take care, friend. God bless.

Denise said...

Hi sweetie, yes we moved again, it was just over a year ago , actually we moved on Dec 23rd 2006. We're still in TX, just in a new neighborhood. Looks like you moved too, I still need to read your other entries to catch up. Hope to do that today. Just got up for school, it's 6.12am