Monday, April 07, 2008

These Rainy Days... and Revisiting Middle Earth

It was a very rainy weekend here. It poured and poured and poured! It messed up my pretty little flower bed! : / After the rain finally ended, I went out and scooped the washed away mulch out of the driveway, stood the poor little battered flowers back up and propped them a bit with some of the mulch nuggets. I hope they get re-established again soon... before the next forecast rain!

Yesterday afternoon TNT cable channel showed the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy - all three movies, back to back. Somehow, we got hooked into it during the first one, and spent the rest of the day watching the battle in middle earth! It finally ended about 11:00 pm last night! I couldn't help but to think of Nancze while watching it. I remembered how she loved those movies, the characters, the symbolism. It IS a great story! "Samwise" continues to impress me deeply with his faithfulness, his loyalty, his purity of heart. I know Frodo was perhaps the main character (although I thought this was such a strong cast, there were no main characters!) but it is Sam who I love so much...What a gentle and loving soul! And Aragorn - brave, wise, passionate, courageous, loyal. There are so many good lessons to be taken from these movies... so many character lessons and life lessons.
I was sad to see that actor/activist Charlton Heston passed away over the weekend. He was a man among men in Hollywood. A traditional man of values and morals, Heston was one of the few remaining American patriots among the Hollywood crowd.

Well, I am off to shower and get this day going. I have a few errands to run while the girls are in school. Only about 7 more weeks left in this school year - I can't believe it! Time goes by so swiftly. I am reminded to make it count.


Julie said...

I've not seen the "Lord Of The Rings" or read the books, but my dh really enjoyed both greatly. How nice you got to escape to another world and enjoy it so much.

What's going on with the weather??? It's pouring here today too, so I can't hang the washing outdoors like I like to. Still, we need the rain, but maybe not this much. Do we start building an ark then??? Hope your poor little plants stand proud and tall for you real soon. Luv ya girl! xx

Kimberly said...

I've not seen the "Lord of the Rings" either; but have seen bits and pieces of them. I did see that they were on, also Star Wars was on last night too; but saw bits and pieces of that as well. I've never seen the whole movie of any of them. Glad you were able to enjoy them.

So sorry about your plants, that's sad, hopefully they will grab hold and not let go. We had a beautiful day here today, but we have had our share of rain, for sure!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Sam was my hero as well. Perhaps because he encapsulated all those qualities I wished I possessed.

I have had a wicked week. How about yours? On a high note, our 3 month old baby Coen laughed for the first time. There is nothing brings a smile to even the crankiest face, but a baby's belly laugh..
Be well.