Thursday, April 17, 2008


DSC00267 This week has started out quite chilly, but today it's supposed to be 75 degrees. This is perfect weather! Despite the heavy rains we've been having on a regular basis, the pollen is still driving me NUTS! Aaaaachoooo! Poor Katelyn is suffering with it as well. She's tired, not sleeping well, dragging during the day. About another month and then we'll get relief from the pollen (until the early fall pollens arrive!)

Our little Casey beagle will be 13 years old next month. Casey now at nearly 13 yrs It's hard to believe we've had her so long. She's turning white in her old age. She used to be a rich, deep coppery brown with shiny jet black and snowy white markings. Now it's all faded and she's getting whiter by the day. She mostly sleeps these days but at least once a day she has a brief play time. She still acts like a puppy during that playtime - the only difference is the duration! LOL! She poops out rather quickly and then has to take a LONG nap to recover. What a sweetie.

This picture to the upper right was taken yesterday - Hannah loving on Casey. The photo to the left was taken about 3 years ago. This was the beginning of the color fading and the need for more sleep during the day. The picture below is of Casey with Rebel, our collie. It was taken back in the late 90's when they were both younger pups. Rebel lives with Gretchen now. He reb-casey-tinywent to college with her several years ago, and Casey stayed home with me. (She's mama's girl!) Rebel is an old man now - 11 1/2 years old. He's still beautiful but his body is feeling the effects of canine old age. It's very difficult for him to get up and he walks with a stiff gait these days. Casey, though older than Rebel, is faring much better with the aging. I guess this is where smaller breeds have an advantage over the larger breeds.

You may remember the hoopla earlier this year when a delightful beagle named Uno won the Best in Show at Westminster this spring - first time ever! This brought respectability to Snoopy and all loveable beagles worldwide. But one thing you should know if you are looking at getting a dog. Beagles are NOT the smartest in the dog world. So if you are looking for intelligence, do NOT get a beagle. But if the thought of owning a little clown who will delight you with his antics and be wholly devoted to you for life brings a smile to your heart, you will not find a better pet in all the world! They are GOOFY beyond description - watch the video at the page linked to Uno's name and you will see this!

Time for me to get up from here and get some wash going! I'll close with a recent family picture, doggies included. The red dog in the picture is Roscoe! He's Rebel's friend. Roscoe belongs to Gretchen's dear sweetie pie, Joe.

Have a great day everyone!


Diane said...

Ok, so I gotta ask - how did you get your pics to look so cool? with the cool corners and tilted and whatnot? I love it! :)

Diane said...

Just me again...Got your comment - THANKS! Woo Hoo! I'm gonna download that so I can have COOL posts like you. :) THANKS!

~Pam~ said...

Hi Lynn!
Oh, love all the pics of the doggies. :o) One of our dogs is older, 15 years old.
That family pic is fabulous! Great looking family. :o)
Praying the allergies let up!

Take care sweetie, have a wonderful friday and weekend.

Love ya!

Kimberly said...

Okay I gotta go check out Diane's site so I can see how to get the cool photo looks. Your dogs are so cute!!! I love Beagles. We had one when I was 12 and he lived a long life; he was a wonderful pet. The photo of Casey is adorable. She's so cute!

Mary said...

Hi Lynn,

It's fun to get caught up with the life of Casey & Rebel. They're such well loved family members. I remember when Casey was dog napped. Gosh, that goes way back, huh?

Love, Mary

Kacy said...

((Lynn)) I am so glad to be here and say Hi! I hadn't blogged in forever, but I'm back at it. Speaking of your cute dog, we got two NEW puppies today. They are Lab/Vizsla mix pups and we are having a blast. I'm going to post some pictures here in a second. Have a great rest of your weekend. (((Big Friend Hugs)))

Julie said...

I love the way you're adding you photos with the little corners, and drop shadows etc. How are you doing that? I'm still trying to figure out (with my limited html knowledge) how to remove the auto boxes on my blog that are coded in to add a box around every photo without my doing it. I think your pics look great like you have them.

So how's things with Zach? Anything to report. i'm sure you know lots of us are keeping him in our prayers.

So did you feel the earthquake early Friday morning where you are?

Hope you have been enjoying your weekend.

Luv you lots. xx