Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Weekend...

We had a very busy weekend. We went to Niceville, Florida for a Fastpitch Softball Tournament. (Hannah) We were 'guest-playing' for the 14U Crushers from Dothan, Alabama. Hannah played with several of the players at the high school this season, so she was among friends. The kids enjoyed the pool and hot tub at the hotel Saturday night, and the days were long and hot on the ball fields all weekend.

We took Casey (beagle) with us and she was a real trooper! She's used to sleeping her days away in the air conditioning at home, but did wonderful traveling and making new friends at the ball fields. And when she just couldn't keep her eyes open any longer, she curled up with the kids under the tent and passed out! LOL!

The Crushers did very well! They won all their Saturday games and played their way into the Championship game on Sunday. Unfortunately, they ran out of steam and couldn't pull off the championship win, so they came in second place. Not bad though! Hannah said she was GLAD to be playing tournament ball again! She misses it during the winter months. So we have kicked off the 2008 tournament season and the long hot, dusty, ball field days are ahead! This coming weekend we have a local one day tournament (Sat) so that'll be fun! And in about 3 weeks Hannah's own tournament team will be kicking off their season so our guest playing will end at that point.

I got sick over the weekend and felt terrible. What a bummer, cos it was fun being back in softball. I thought it was allergies acting particularly bad at first, then thought it was a cold. But yesterday I was running fever (and was MISERABLY stopped up) so who knows?! It was good to rest in my own bed last night and I'm taking the 'severe cold' meds around the clock so maybe it will leave me alone soon! Katelyn has a rec league ball game tonight, so I'll be back at it tonight. (Tis the season!) I need to take some pictures of her in her game - will try to do that tonight and post them soon.

Well, I'm off of here. Back to the routine of the week (washing!)


Nancze said...

Hi Lynn, aw the baseball season is here. How well I remember those days. I'm sure they'll come again when the grand children grow up. We got Emily graduated and had a wonderful luncheon for her. Now she is in her new job. It's going to be quite a change, but it will work out and I know it will be for the better. It was a blessing catching up with you. I send my love and prayers! ~hugs~

Tänia said...

Hi Kidlet! So happy to see you blogging again and enjoy reading your posts as always!

I appreciate your words of encouragement and am thankful to have so many wonderful blogging friends praying for us! Thank you so much!

I love you Lynny Poo! HUGS!

Tänia of

Diane said...

This is the first year my kids aren't in baseball. Your post makes me MISS IT! Waaaah! :)