Friday, April 25, 2008

"It's NOT Fair!"

These were the words from my little slugger last night as she crawled into the car after her team lost a ball game 4-1.  It really wasn't fair either. She had the opportunity to pick up her faltering team with a big hit. We had two outs and bases were loaded when Katelyn came up to bat and got a good hit.  The play would be close as the 2nd baseman was able to snag the hard hit ball and turned to see Katelyn flying toward 1st base - only steps away.  At this point the 2nd baseman bobbled the ball a bit, and Katelyn turned up her speed a notch and flew into 1st base. Just after she crossed the bag, the 1st baseman caught the ball thrown from 2nd. Our runner on 3rd was crossing home plate at that moment. The umpire in the field shouted "SHE'SSSSSS OUTTA THERE!" A stunned Katelyn turned around and said "NOOOO!" At the same time, everyone in the stands came to their feet and also screamed "NOOOO.. she was SAFE!"

She WAS safe. Sigh... the run did not count, Katelyn was the 3rd out, though wrongfully so. And that was the ole ball game. download

Well, that bad call shut our team down... shut down the 2 out rally, and we lost. That was not the only bad call of the night, but it was a major one that stopped the comeback cold. My little slugger cried on the way home, angered at being cheated of that hit, and her team being cheated of that run.. and the opportunity for the next batter to also get a hit which would have likely scored the runner ahead of Katelyn and Katelyn as well. It would have been a different ball game.

Aaaaaah, such is life. There will be many more unfair calls in life. That was just the first. She will see many more injustices in her life... far greater than an umpire's bad call. Wrong will triumph again... and again... and again. But like I told Katelyn last night... "keep trying, keep fighting, keep working!"  WHY? Because Jesus said "In this world you will have many tribulations and trials, but be of good cheer because I have overcome the world." So we persevere.

On a different subject, gas has gotten so expensive that Bobby and Zachary are not coming home this weekend. download  The gas situation is growing critical as it continues to go up daily, sometimes more than once a day. Have you all noticed a sharp rise in grocery prices as well? I am dismayed at the thought of even going to the store these days. I'm spending more and more every week, and bringing home less and less food.  These are scary times we are living in. I feel so vulnerable, that our nation is becoming vulnerable... and I hate feeling vulnerable.  I am deeply concerned for the direction we seem to be headed as a nation. Today's post at "Two Sisters From The Right".. one of my favorite blogs was very sobering. It is titled "Gullible's Travels" and dated Friday April 25th.

And THIS makes me sure of who definitely does not need to be in the position of president of the United States. We have terrorists HOPING Obama is elected. What does this say - that they feel they can have a cooperative, cozy relationship with him?  This is scary.


Psalm 4:8  "In peace I will lay down and sleep, for You alone, O Lord, make me to dwell in safety."

With this assurance, I will say goodnight! Have a good weekend, friends!


Julie said...

Arrrh, life isn't always fair is it, but it's pretty tough when it slaps you in the face. You handled the situation with Katelyn very well. Enjoy your quiet weekend. ;)

Kimberly said...

So sorry for your Katelyn's tough game. Those are sad moments in life we all must face at one time or another; but they aren't easy. What a great mom you are though to be there for her. I got gas today too; and I was not happy; pretty sad when you pay so much and get so little. Have a good weekend!!!

Mary said...

Hi Lynn,

It had to be hard for Katelyn to be treated so unfairly. It seems that injustice is something we never forget from our childhood. (I can still remember the spankings I got that I didn't deserve). But you did such a good job handling the situation and made it into a life lesson that she will always remember.

Blessings on your week!

Love, Mary