Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A New Day...

Thank you friends for remembering us yesterday. Everything turned out as expected and there were no surprises. Zach was called before the judge and was fined a total of $315.00 or 32 hours of community service. He has been given until August 14th to settle up. He is debating doing the community service rather than coming up with the money to pay the fine. This would be a good decision since he only works nights and has his days free to do this... go ahead and get it done and get this episode behind him.

I don't know what sort of affect this had on him. He seems to have just gone through it and now it's over and he is going about his business. I hope the impact is deeper than this, and he has decided it's not a place he wants to appear again, and will decide to make some changes in his life. Again, I appreciate the kindness and support and encouragement of friends. Thank ya'll! emot-hug2

Are you guys fans of desktop wallpapers? I LOVE changing my desktop wallpaper on a regular, sometimes even daily basis. Sometimes I use wallpapers I have collected, but oftentimes I use my own photographs. It's a great way to enjoy your pictures! A while back I found a great webshots site which featured a collection of desktop wallpapers. The lady is a photographer and also a Christian. A lot of her wallpapers have scriptures and they are really beautiful! Click HERE to see her beautiful collections. Hopefully this link works without you having to be a member of webshots.

Here's my current desktop. Of course tomorrow it may be a different one! But today I am using a photo I took of my little flowers by the front door. I really like this picture - it makes me smile.



Tänia said...

Oooohhhhh... purty! I wike it!

You just won't know with the kiddo until later... but I know you are walking in faith about that... so keep walking girl!

Love and hugs,

Denise said...

Hi Lynn, stopped by to see how things went yesterday. No big surprises is a good thing at least, but I'll keep praying that your boy will think about this one and realize as you say, he doesn't want to go through soemthing like that again... and as Tania says, we may never know the impact it had on Zach until later.
Keep on keeping the faith.
Love ya

Kimberly said...

Hi Lynn; your wallpaper is beautiful. I do love them as well; I'll have to try the link. I take lots of photos. So glad there were no surprises; but praying that he will make the right kind of changes because of this.

monileigh said...

Hiya Lynnie!

Yeah, I member ya! How are you? Sorry about your son. Hang in there and I will join you in prayer.

Love the desktops!

I loved that little ditty about that elderly lady! How special that is!

I am shocked at Oprah! I should not be but I am...disapointed more so I suppose.

ANywho, Ibetter get. Thanks for visiting me. I gotcha linked up so I can come by more often!

God bless!


Julie said...

oh no, this thing ate my comment...hmmm, guess it was hungry. please feed your current box more ofthen so it isn't hungry when we get here LOL!

I really like the way you've been adding your photos, with the twist, drop shadows and no frame around them. When I add a post, it puts a box around it, I don't do that so I guess it has been coded in to do that. I would love to be able to add pics the way you do. it makes the pages look more like a scrapbook. So did you create your blog in Blogger, or are you using another program and them importing it? Sorry about the million and 1 questions.

How's Zach doing? I've been keeping him in my prayers, and I'm sure many of the other ladies have been too. We feel for you Lynn.

Did you feel that earthquake where you are on Friday morning? Kimberly's church had some damage and also her parents chimney, but thankfully no-one was hurt.

Have a blessed Sonday my sis. xx

Julie said...

Oops, that was supposed to read as "Please feed your comment box".