Monday, April 14, 2008


Today at 1:00 p.m. central time, my son Zach has a court appearance. Even typing the words it seems like I must be speaking of someone else and not MY son. But alas, it IS my son. He has had some troubles recently. I would appreciate the prayers of friends as this day goes along. I can't be there, as court is in Panama City, FL and I'm in Dothan, AL but Bobby will be there with him.

I really hope this will serve as a wake-up call to him, to get his life on track and stop engaging in foolish, sinful behaviors that lead to destruction. He has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.
Why do kids think they can do things and it will be alright...that there will be no consequences... that they can handle things that shouldn't be handled, but should be fled from?

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Ya'll have a good day. Thanks for visiting and thank you to those who will remember to pray for us today.


Mary said...

Awww, Lynn, that picture says a thousand words. I'm praying for Zach and I believe in his goodness. He has been raised right and I know he is a good kid. I know his future is bright.

Love, Mary

Denise said...

Hi again Lynn, I'm going to be praying for Zach today. It must be so hard to see your kids do the wrong things as they get older :( Kristen is already 7 1/2! Thankfully she still does as we tell her too - and long may it last!!
Sending big hugs..

Diane said...

Well, you know what? This is just a bump in the road. Although my kids aren't Zach's age yet, I do remember doing things when I was his age that I knew wasn't right. *ahem* But I eventually came around, and I know Zach will, too. :) I know it can't be easy for you to watch, though. I'll be praying!

Tänia said...

Well... I don't know the circumstances... but I can tell you, as you are aware, the prob that Steven went through changed his life.

He is now ministering to the youth in Florida and he and his wife have found their calling.

So here is my take on it...

Trust God with all your heart. Never let the circumstances get you down. Just keep saying to God and yourself over and over, "He is God's and I trust Him in all things. I am thankful that this is the very turn that Zach needed to change his life and I know that only good will come from it."

Don't listen to what people say to you about what CAN happen. If I had listened... Steven would have served a 30 year sentence and been given up on. But God is the ultimate judge and you can pray the right judge, the right lawyers, etc., to be in the right place at the right time.

You can also pray that God will give him exactly the dose of "life experience" he needs to turn him around and make him thankful for God's love.

Hang in there sweetie. I will add Zach on my prayer list.

Julie said...

Aww sweetie, I'm so sorry that Zach is before the court today. As you know my hubby is a police prosecutor so he's on the other side of the fence, but he is well aware that these kids often come from good homes and know better. I hope and pray that something that happened today has been enough to give Zach the wake up call he needs. I have no doubt he's a great kid and he is so blessed to have parents who pray for him and love and care about him so much. Sometimes kids have to hit rock bottom, as hard as that can be, to really "get it". May God do His work in Zach's heart today and in the days ahead. My prayers are with him and with you guys too as you seek to guide him and encourage him. He's not a bad egg, he's a great kid who made unwise choices, but they don't need to define who he is. He can and will turn this around. God is at work and he loves Zach very much. He has plans to prosper him and give him a purpose. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly -allowing us to be able to pray. You are much loved girl! xx

Kimberly said...

Lynn sorry I didn't get to read your post until I am sure that the court appearance was well over; but I will pray for Zach; having a mom who prays for him is a mighty thing, and all of us joined in prayer will help so much. Sin does bring consequences, but I pray that the consequences will serve to wake him up and that he will be a stronger person because of it. May we all strive to please our Lord and live for Him. Big hugs!

Tera said...

I am reading this post waaaay late.


I am so, so sorry to read about this. :( I am sure that this has been very, very difficult. :( I pray that there will never be another incident ever again. Much love to you, Mama Lynn.

God bless.