Monday, April 28, 2008

Decency... It's Getting Harder to Find it...

grand-theft-auto-iv-20071128012032646-000Sitting here watching Fox News this morning, I saw that the latest installment of the popular video game "Grand Theft Auto" is set to go on sale everywhere at midnight tonight.  Unbelievably, this 4th edition follows on the heels of 3 prior hot sellers!  Could this be contributing to such rampant thug behavior everywhere? Could this also contribute to thugs who are younger and younger nowadays?  The game carries a "Mature" warning (meaning acceptable for 17 and up) but this is small comfort as we all know children everywhere can access whatever they WANT to access.  It's as easy as going to a friend's house and being exposed to older siblings of their friends.

The Grand Theft Auto series is reported to be filled with violence. I ran across an article that was written back in 2003, but is very relevant to this day, discussing the dangers of such violent material. You can read more about it in this article entitled "Most Dangerous Games: Video Games That Inspire Serious Crimes." This article referenced the 3rd edition of this game, but there is no doubt the violence in the newest edition being released will continue to perpetuate the real-life violence in the streets.  I was shocked while reading this article, to find out what the object of the game is, and what is required to progress through and finally win the game. VERY DISTURBING... and SAD. I also ran across this 2005 article from CBS News, still very relevant as well - Grand Theft Auto Under Fire.

We don't own the latest, greatest video game players. Thirteen years ago we purchased a Nintendo system and gradually collected about a dozen games to go with it - several  being the Super Mario series and Donkey Kong, and the remainder being baseball, football and basketball games for the system.  Zach progressed to Play Station several years ago, and owned 4 games for it - Major League Baseball, NFL Football, College Football and NBA Basketball. That's it.  The game console tore up after a year or so and he was without for awhile.

Eventually we bought him the X-Box 360 Live which lasted all of about 5 months before quitting. We sent it in for repair. It was returned and broke down again a couple of months later - but not before ruining one of the 3 sports games he owned.  The UPS store recognized the box X-Box issues for returns/repairs and told us he had seen hundreds of those go out for repair (and that was only in his local store in Panama City!) THAT'S IT! We are through with buying over-priced pieces of gaming junk! I am so NOT into forking out $400.00 for game consoles that last only months. The Nintendo we owned YEARS ago, still works today though we may not be very popular with our Super Mario games and outdated sports games! And the graphics/technology is 13 years old. LOL! Still looks great to me! My girls are always telling me that their friends' houses are more fun because they have "Guitar Hero" and other similar "newest, latest" games. They want me to buy them a game player and some of those new games. I'm just not willing to waste any more money on this kind of stuff. The consoles themselves cost hundreds of dollars. With every new model, the prices keep rising. The accessories/games cost hundreds more.  Whatever happened to playing Monopoly, Parcheesi, Checkers, cards, etc?? Thankfully some of Hannah's friends ARE returning to those games and having FUN playing them!

I must be getting OLD. Every day I long more and more to return to the old ways in most every area of life - from entertainment, to food (back to local grown, hormone/pesticide/radiation free fruits, veggies and meats) to values and convictions that ruled in most hearts, to neighborhoods that were close-knit, to efficient government and individual responsibility... yes, I must be getting old. download

Ya'll have a good one...


Nancze said...

Hi Lynn, well I am getting old and I too like you wish for the simpler times, but was it really simpler, I remember wanting and wanting and my Dad finally yelling at me, Where do you think I'll get the money, it doesn't grow on trees! Now we are facing the same thing and probably much worse, for it is all heading in a long down hill slide. Your advice to Kathelyn was good though. I do have faith and some days it's tried more than others. I just grow weary and do pray for the Lord's return and for us to be and live and God had orginally intended. p.s. my kids never even got an Intendo, lol.. Now their grown and they got their own. Me I have a gameboy DS. lol.. but only sweet innocent games. Love and ~hugs~

Denise said...

I have never been in to video games or computer games, unfortunately I have a husband who loves them and he can't wait for this new Grand Theft game to come out :( I think it's awful and I go to bed when he starts playing it. I can't make him not buy it, he thinks because it doesn't make him do anything violent it shouldn't have any effect on kids that play it either! I can't reason with him, so I just pray for him. (sigh)
Hope your day has been a nice one.

Kimberly said...

That does NOT sound like a good game. My girls friends couldn't believe that they had never had a video games system. My oldest daughter did buy one recently, for the Guitar Hero; but she is 21 and they couldn't believe they had never had one in our house. We never missed out on a thing. I'm not to fond of the Guitar Hero either; but it isn't as bad as some. Course as all games go, the initial purchase it is played a lot, but now rarely. So we actually went 21 years with no video game system. Hope you have a great week.